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2007-06-05, 15:12
As promised, here's a little something I wrote. Enjoy.

A day in the life

What the hell is that noise? I look at my watch, it says 2:35. Thatís AM, and thatís Zulu time(or just Z, Greenwich mean time). Thatís, lets see, Z + 4 Ĺ hours makes it just after 7 AM local time, or L. And if I subtract 4 hours from L its 10:35 PM Eastern Standard time!?!?!!?!!? Some dumbass in my B-hut is stomping around getting ready for work. I roll over and sleep some moreÖÖ

Rip, RIP, RIIIIIP. Shit, what now? Look at my watch, 3:45Z. Some other dumbass is changing the patches on his ACU uniform. The shithead that decided to put Velcro on these uniforms needs to be shot, or better yet, try to sleep while someone is changing patches on their ACUs. Sounds like a machine gun in this hut. Roll over and back to sleepÖÖ

I wake up. I hear the wind blowing and banging the door shut and open again. Its a lot less noisy than the people earlier this morning. I open my eyes, just at that second, my alarm on my watch goes off. I hate it when I wake up before my alarm goes off. Itís 7:00Z, thatís 11:30L AM. Happens most mornings though. I lay in the mostly dark until I wake up a little more. I close my eyes and turn on the light over my headboard. Keep my eyes closed until my eyes adjust to the light. My light is very dim but the B-hut is so dark that is seems like Iím looking into the sun. After about a minute I grab my book, right now Iím reading Prey by Michael Chriton. Great book. I read for about a half hour or so until I decide to drag myself out of bed. Some days I just reset my alarm on my watch and sleep for another hour. Not today. I get up and pull on my PT shirt, already have the shorts on, put on my shower shoes, grab my shower kit and head on out. Damn, forgot my sun glasses again! If I were to leave the B-hut now, without them, I would be blind for at least 5 minutes. I go back through my poncho that I have strung up as a door to my ďroomĒ and get my glasses and head out again. Just like I though, nice bright sunny day. Pale blue sky, super dry, and windy as ever. Its just about always windy here. I have to walk about a block to get to the showers, got to relieve myself first. Bathroom is downstairs and showers is upstairs. I get upstairs and look or the one of the three sections that has the least amount of people in it. Never a lot of people here this time of day though. Brush my teeth, I have to use bottled water because Iím not going to take the chance with this water here. Smells like it came from the sewer. Shave and then into the shower. The floors in the shower area are unfinished wood slats. Unfinished wood has to be the worst possible thing that you could have for a floor in a shower. I donít know if itís the floor or the water that smells worse. Done with the shower and back to the B-hut.

Now I spend a little more time reading. Nothing to do here in the B-hut anyways. Get into my ACUs, boots, grab my anchor and then out the door again. My anchor? Thatís what I call my rifle. Some people have a girls name for their rifle, I call mine my anchor. Because thatís what it is. If I ever have to shoot the thing, itís a sad day. I am right behind the last line of defense for this base.

I then head out to the Dragon MWR building where I can get on the internet and chat with whoever might be online. I check the web sites that are blocked at work too. They block a lot of web sites for no reason other than that they can. I guess that it keep people from goofing off at work. LOL. Then, when Iím done there, itís off to the Dragon DFAC (Dining Facility) for breakfast (lunch for everyone else). I usually have a turkey or salami sandwich or a burger for breakfast. Sometimes one of those mini pizzas and a salad. I think that Iím eating pretty good, the burgers are mostly soy Iím sure. Then its off to work at about 9:30L. It takes about a half hour to slowly walk to work.

Now the long walk to work. Work is a little over a half of a mile to the JOC. I have to go through two security checkpoints to get into the building. One day I remembered that I had forgotten my security badge just outside the gate and had to go all the way back. That wasnít fun.

When I get to work, the first thing that I have to do is start up what I call JOPES Crisis Action Central. I work on a computer with a bunch of Secret level programs. I start up 10 programs on my computer, check my Secret email and then get to work. Lately itís been slow and I only work a few customers. I canít really talk about what I do here. I break for lunch(for me) at about 1PM Zulu. Usually I get a burger or a pizza and a salad. Pretty monotonous huh? I get really busy at about 14:00Z at work. Thatís 2PM Zulu. I give up on trying to figure out what time it is Local. LOL. See what I mean about the time?

I get off of work anywhere between 10PM and 2AM Local. Then itís the long walk back. I usually stop by the Dragon MWR on the way back to the B-hut to see what movies are playing. They play movies 24/7, have the internet cafť, and phones to call home on. I go to my B-hut and change into my PT (physical training) clothes and usually go for a run and hit they gym. I spend anywhere from 1 to 1 Ĺ hours working out a night. Then I go back to the Dragon MWR and get on the internet for a Ĺ hour or so. Back to the B-hut to read for about an hour until I canít keep my eyes open and then I fall asleep.

As I've said before, nothing ever changes here. If it does, you'll hear about it on the news!


2007-06-05, 15:39
Jim, that sounds like a much better job than riding up and down MSR Tampa dodging IED's, sometimes boring is good...really good.

2007-06-05, 16:53
Oh, believe me. I know how good I have it. Ive been there and done that. Got the nightmares to prove it.

I'm happy right where I am.

2007-06-05, 17:09
Had a relative in WW II - as he described his experience:

99% bored, 1% wishing he was bored again.

Don't know if he had the percentages right, but got the feeling right.