View Full Version : Modified Trangia Westwind

2003-01-08, 09:57
Using 0.016" 6Al4V Titanium stock I purchased at Thru-Hiker.com, I made a duplicate version of the Westwind stand, and drilled holes in the body of it. Original stand weighed 2.82oz, and the new stand weighs just 1.25oz while still maintaining full functionality. Cost was about $22. My Stove setup has now dropped from 7.32oz to 5.75oz. The new stand also flexes some, and fits nicely into my MSR Titan Cookset. I still want to modify the Trangia Stove itself. I would love one constructed of titanium...

2003-01-08, 13:00
For those who would like a Trangia without the base....

Earlier this year I looked all over the web for a place that would sell me a Trangia without the base or a pot. I already had a stove that came with those and wanted a virgin burner to fly with (perhaps I was paranoid).

Mount Rogers Outfitters not only came thruough, but they put some candy in with the package. The best news was that the cost was just $12.00.

Rick B