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2007-06-08, 12:29
Yeah you know youíve got one, that one piece of gear you wont leave home with out.
You may have dropped the $$ on it or not. It is dispensable, itís the # 1 in your pack, pocket or person, It is the Rock Star in your gear bin. That one piece of gear needs to be recognized by the greater public! You love it, and youíre proud to say so.

This is the thread for just a momentous occasion. Tell us what your #1 piece of gear might be.

Rules for the thread:

No Hygiene Products
(unless your condoms attract women or your TP can absolve your sin)

No Food Items (Exception: Tabasco, It is a gift from the heavens and we all know it.)

Limit 2 Items
(Yes your gear list might have been created by the almighty him self, but your limited to 2)

Tell us the following:
How long youíve had it
Why its #1
And add some pizzazz

Have fun

2007-06-08, 12:40
#1 for me is my brain (yes, many leave home without it)
Made by Nature & nurture, Inc.
Getting me into and out of the best and worst of backcountry conditions
Have had it along time and it is getting better everyday
It is #1 because without it, all my hardware would not get much use.
It kept me below treeline, twice, while others went above and died in the White's of NH......made me do a Mt. Washington summit bivy when it was crystal clear and -17 F.

2007-06-08, 12:45
My USMC KA-BAR Serrated Edge (Rock star #1 in my gear bin)


I know I know it’s not light, and I’m a light fast kind of guy, but I’ve had Mr. Bar since I was a cub scout back in the 80's. My Dad gave it to me as a birthday present for the scouts. He taught me how to handle it, take care of it and respect it. Since those days I can't count how many time this tools has saved my ass. From the time i had to skin a snared rabbit after my food got eaten by rats, to the time I got mugged in Orlando FL.

Mr. BAR has been there for me through thick and thin and still holds an impeccable edge.

So the USMC KA-BAR Serrated Edge Military/Tactical Knife is my #1 favorite piece of gear.

2007-06-08, 12:47
Has to be my MSR Mini water works purifier I have used it for over three years and it has yet to fail me. The joy of not carrying pounds of water is a stress reliever. As long as I can find a water source this baby cleans it for me. it has a 2 Micron ceramic filter. Note a condom can pass up to 5 Micros.
The MSR is lightweight and there is minimal maintenance, thinking about replacing the ceramic filter in a year or to maybe.
We hiked a portion of the SC Chattooga river last week and I dared my friends to tell the difference between their bottled water and my river water. No one could.

I never leave home without it.

john pickett
2007-06-08, 14:21
#1. My gearskin
#2. My pre-Baghdad Ion Stove (with pot holder and windscreen)
#3. This site, which showed me how I could go from 5 lbs. to 1 lb. (pack)
and make my own gear (stove).
Rock rocks!:adore:

John Pickett

2007-06-08, 14:52
Good old run-of-the mill simple pepsi alcohol stove and mess combo. It won't turn many heads in the hiking community but it still gets alot of oohs and ahhs from the non-hiking folks.

The alcohol is so easy to carry, and for a solo hiker like me it is usually all I need. Love it.

2007-06-08, 15:12
#1: has to be my pre-production bushbuddy stove.
#2: Customized Feathered Friends Rock Wren bag.

Both are so awesome, I can't possibly do them justice just writing about
them. Anyone that buys either above item, is ensured of a top notch quality
product, UL/LW worthy, and pure functionality.

2007-06-08, 23:38
I know this might sound kind of stupid or like I'm trying to be "deep", but when I think of my gear the most important piece that comes to mind is a Bic lighter, and after that my current pocket knife - a Kershaw Jeeva (www.agrussell.com/knives/by_type/folding/locking/kershaw_jeeva_black.html) (neat knife but I'm just as happy with a cheapo).
Fire and a tool.

Once you get past those basic items, my favorite is my Fiskars Hatchet (www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=214972-1078-7850&lpage=none) . It's lightweight, large enough to handle most of the jobs I want it for easily, yet small enough to be easy to pack.
-I know some people might question the need for a hatchet, but I normally only carry a small knife so a larger tool is very handy, I also like a fire when I can have one, and I ALWAYS carry basic fire control gear when I go hiking and camping. So it travels with me all the time - I even carry it on day hikes.

Next is my l.e.d. lamp that is no longer made. Clips to my shirt for hands-free operation, can be set up on a table for an area light, Two brightness levels, one bright enough to read with the other bright enough to work by, lightweight, and the batteries last forever.

2007-06-08, 23:44
Ibex Echo T (http://www.ibexwear.com/S07/View_Product.php?GarmentID=727&thePhoto=../Photos/S07/1107_1282G.jpg&Category=1058&CategoryLine=) wool t shirt

The best piece of clothing I own (hiking or other).

Light weight
Fast drying
Cooler than any synthetic in the summer
Great warm base layer for the winter
When it does get wet it does not feel clamy like a synthetic
No odor after several days of wearing

Wool rules!

2007-06-09, 02:40
Number 1 is a Swiss Army Super Tinker Knife. http://www.swissarmy.com/MultiTools/Product.htm?category=doityourself&product=53341&

Best all around knive combo in my opinion.
Can perform most any function around camp, hike, hunt, fish, office...
I bought my first around 14 years ago.
This is my number one, since it is wicked sharp, holds an edge, has many items I use daily, from knife, to scissor, to tooth pick. Affordable. Not too damn big.
Not sure I can add any "Pizzazz", sorry BDawg....

Number 2 is a Campmor Ventilated Nylon Shirt. http://www.campmor.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?productId=925191&memberId=12500226

Best damn shirt I have ever owned. Lightweight, quick drying, durable, and matches my rugged good looks. Good on the trail, fishing, hunting, airplane, checking into a hotel, restaurant, work.
I have had experience with this shirt for maybe five years. Nothing better...
I have a few, always shows up on my fathers day, birthday and xmas wish list.

Too bad the list was limited to two items, or I would have made honorable mention of my Olympus Stylus waterproof digital camera, my Black Diamond Gemini Headlamp, and my Smith and Wesson 686 .357mag revolver. Turn me loose with these five items, and we gonna have some fun...:biggrin:

2007-06-09, 09:12
1. Chaco z/2 sandals with colorado soles and cobra webbing.

During the entire summer i use these sandals almost exclusively. I'll probably buy a second pair next year. A pair of standard zx/2s unless i can get a pair with the flipside soles custom built. It would be nice to have a lighter and more flexible sole to use when sailing. My daughter also wants to replace her cute pink velcro sandals with a pair of chacos, but she wants z/2s (with the extra toe loop) and that's not possible unless i make them myself. I'll make an effort, but i suspect she has to make do with a pair of zx/1s next year.

2. The DIY dayskin, a gearskin in daypack size.

Packing and unpacking is much easier than with a backpack and keeping track of my gomi-boy-ish (a phrase from William Gibson's "Idoru", if you wonder) collection of stuff is easier with it. The carrying harness could be better so for longer journeys and hikes i'll get a real gearskin made for me by Moonbow. Until then there's dayskin 0.3 to sew and test.

I'd probably add the Hennessy Expedition Asym to the above if i had gotten used to it. Almost there, though.

My life is full of ideas from this place nowadays. Like bringing the essentials with me, the dividing of the stuff into zones (body/clothes/pack/sack) and the constant removing of stuff that isn't necessary. It doesn't even annoy my dear wife because she gets to spread her stuff over a much bigger volume... ;)

2007-06-09, 21:38
Something real simple, that I now add to all my packs that don't come with it: hip belt pockets! I bought the Granite Gear belt pockets for my Vapor Trail, and added a mesh pocket on the outside. Knife, whistle, camera go in one pocket, snacks and whatever in the other, and my watch tucks into the mesh pocket-on-a-pocket.

#2 choice: an umbrella. Won't leave home without it.

2007-06-09, 23:18
This is what I carry in one of those Granite Gear belt pockets:


2007-06-11, 06:07
My #1 has gotta be the Hennessy Hammock. Very comfortable, light weight, and incredibly versatile.

My #2 is my soda can alchy stove.

Jim Henderson
2007-06-11, 12:09
Always have at least my Swiss Army Super Tinker or if I am splurging the Champ.

Then always I have my USGI surplus web belt with my USGI canteen and cup inside the canvas cover. I count these as one since they work as a set unless all I need is a belt. Used these since 1968 and still going strong.

There are lots of other things I carry and I am known for hauling way too much gear into the woods. But those two go with me always if I am doing any sort of walking.

Jim Henderson

2007-06-13, 14:18
#1 Leatherman Charge TI- Way bigger than I needed, but never leaves my pocket. Useful on the home front, at the cabin and in the woods.

#2 Gerber Camp Hatchet - Now that I spend a majority of my time camping on my own land as I rebuild the cabin, this thing is essential. Splitting wood, making lean tos, expedient hammering and of course, throwing. Your mileage may vary.

Frolicking Dino
2007-06-13, 19:01
I have a really old, really light Coleman aluminum pot (the big one from the 1970's 4 person backpacking set). It is huge by today's standards, but I never go without it. I can make darn near anything in that pot.

A second piece of gear is a man's silk shirt in several bright colors - it is hideous, but oh so comfortable.

2007-06-16, 22:13
Ok refreshing the list, need a better position - cheers