View Full Version : GA AT in Middle of July with HH

2007-06-22, 22:52
Dear Friends: I am leaving Amicola to hike north on At for 6 days on July 15. I am using a HH. I have never used it in such climates before. would I be ok with the HH, Undercover (not underpad) and a fleece blanket or fleece sleeping bag bought at Wally world?

I envision myself sweating a lot and don't want to get my goose down bag all sweated up if there is no need for it.

Thanks. -SunnyWalker

2007-06-23, 00:45
A down bag will be a bad move, if you can use it as a quilt you might be okay. My warm weather system is an Exped Wallcreeper (synthetic, full zip) and a 1/4in. Oware pad 30in wide. You probably wouldn't need the pad in July but you never know, its only six ounces. I would spray my hammock with permethrin also.

2007-06-30, 13:50
Take-a-knee: I have done the permethrin. But I do not want to purchase another pad as I have the HH underpad. I was planning on using the down bag as a quilt, and the HH Undercover. I hope this will be sufficient to keep my body heat in in GA during July on the AT. I would appreciate what you think and do you have experience with HH undercover? Thanks. -SunnyWalker

2007-06-30, 14:29
SW, the only negative thing I've read about the HH undercover is that it isn't that warm for what it weighs, that won't be an issue for you for this trip. I've read that really cold sleepers can only go down to about 50 F before having to add a pad, which defeats the purpose in having it in the first place. It should work fine for this trip. If your bag is a summer-weight bag, you should be fine with that. If it is TOO warm, you either freeze or roast. I would have a stocking cap anyway, you probably won't need it, but it is only a couple of ounces. If you do have a really cool night up high somewhere you'll need a head cover with any sort of quilt. That balaclava that Backpacking light sells is the ticket. I just bought an Exped Wallcreeper bag that I'm quite fond of for warm season hammocking. Altrec has them on sale for $130 or so right now. The Wall creeper can be used Rock Wren style (you wear it to enter and leave the hammock) and since it is full zip, if it is a warm night you can just open it all the way and lay on top of it.

2007-07-04, 00:59
Thanks for the advice. Maybe I will take my underpad just in case. -SunnyWalker

2007-07-04, 12:09
Take the HH underpad for sure, that will be all you need for bottom insulation. When it is this warm all I take is a poncho for the rain.