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2007-06-27, 00:27
Here is some information located off the web, regarding sewing Hard Structure Tyvek Type 10. This is the stuff you see wrapped around new homes prior to the installation of siding.

Turk, dump your tyvek info and links here with these to make finding easier for other folks...?

Sewing Hard Structure Tyvek® - Type 10
• Use 3-5 stitches/inch (1.2-2 stitches/cm) at low tension to eliminate skipping.
• Use #306 (Union Special) or #14 (Singer) needle, or equivalent.
• Use a flat tipped needle that cuts slit-like perforations. “Rock Point” (Union Special) or “Narrow Wedge”
(Singer) will permit top speed operation with the same thread used for round-point needles.
• The informal industry standard of 25/4 tex (24/4cc) glace thread of short staple cotton in #14 and #036
needles have given satisfactory performance in outdoor banners when coupled with 16.5/3 tex (36/6cc)
soft looper thread. If smaller diameter thread is required, 14.5/4 tex (40/4cc) glace thread of “Sak” quality
should provide satisfactory results.


2007-06-27, 00:39
Washing Instructions and Flammability
Hand wash with mild soap. No bleach – or machine wash, gentle cycle, cold water. Drip dry only. Do not
put in a dryer, dry clean, or use an iron on this fabric.
Rated “Class 1-Normal Flammability” by the Federal Flammable Fabrics Act for Clothing Textiles
(16CFR-1610). Tyvek does not pass DOC FF 3-71, Children’s sleepwear test. Fabrics of Tyvek should not
be used near heat, flame, sparks, nor in explosive environments.
Flammability: Clean untreated Tyvek shrinks away from the heat of an open flame without igniting.
Fabrics of Tyvek should not be used near heat, flame, sparks, nor in explosive environments. It will begin
to shrink at 244ºF (118ºC) or melt until 275ºF (135ºC). Its auto-ignition temperature is 650ºF (343ºC).
The physical properties of Tyvek are not affected by water: Tyvek is equally strong wet or dry under
ordinary conditions and ambient temperatures. Tyvek meets all the requirements of the USA Flammable
Fabrics Act, CA-191-53, for wearing apparel. Tyvek is not intended to be used in applications where it will
be walked upon.

Same pdf link as in above post.

2007-06-27, 15:42
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