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2007-07-03, 18:39
Anyone seen or have one of these?

I think I might pick one up. One of the problems of one pot cooking, is I often wish I had one more container for a few meals. Volume is my biggest enemy, so I refuse to go bigger than my trek 900/ bushbuddy setup. But I do have just enough room to cram one of these squishy bowls into the small void between the stove and pot lid.

Their utensil thingy, dealys... look pretty cool too.
My BPL SUL long handled spoon is the best utensil ive ever bought. Carry nothing else. The spatula, knife, thingy looks very functional. Worth pondering over maybe.

2007-07-04, 01:43
I've seen 'em but not played with one. What I'd like to find is a pot made of that stuff (silicone.) It would have to have a metal bottom with a flange that the silicone seated into so that the direct flames wouldn't melt it. Trying to figure out what would be a suitable bottom to use for a cobbled-together prototype. Any ideas? anyone? hello?

2007-07-04, 14:08
They do have high temperature silicone. Have you seen those silicone looking oven bake-ware? How about this? High temperature silicone with Pyrex glass fiber. The contact with flame is the killer. Calling NASA, come in NASA. SS:captain:

2007-07-05, 00:30
Another product out is the collapsible containers from Rubbermaid http://www.rubbermaid.com/rubbermaid/collapsibles/collapsibles.jhtml
I cut the rim off, and will leave the lid at home. Modified weight is 2.6 ounces for the 20 ounce small size ("2.5 Cup" is what it's called on the website). I'll be carrying one for my girlfriend too, and they pack down impressively flat.


2007-07-05, 01:41
Did a thread on a flat surface/bowl I made a few years ago, it's not usable for cooking but you can use it for a cutting board/prep area before folding it into a bowl and eating from it.


I made a second bowl (out of a brand new cutting board) right after making my prototype (the attached picture - in old post) and have carried and used it since then. It has stood up well and takes up almost no room in my pack.

Never did add snaps, but I normally don't use it as a bowl, I just use it as a cutting board or flat eating surface.

Even without the ability to make it into a bowl I think I'd continue to carry it. I've filleted many fish on it, and made lots of sandwiches on it away from the dirt and grass.

P.S. If you want to fillet fish on the board an invaluable aid is a binder clip - hook the tail down to the end of the board before cutting, makes it much easier.
binder clip description (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binder_clip)

2007-07-05, 02:01
Are these squishy bowls stiffer than the silicon bakers?

Gave my brother's wife a set of the silicone baking dishes for x-mas last year (bread pan, muffin tin, flat sided 9" round). She hasn't reported back to me about them.

Looked to me like they would work good for baking, but I wouldn't want to try carrying anything fluid that was hot in one. To flexible and they could fold up in your hands.

2007-07-23, 18:48
Opened a box of the bowl/cup combo at Backwoods (the local outdoor store that carries nice stuff), seems stiffer than the silicon bakers due to the material being thicker. I'd have to fill it with liquid first (would necessitate buying some first), but I suspect they'd be okay for hot liquid as long as they weren't completely full.

Oh, and a side use is that one might be able to faux-bake with them...