View Full Version : HH webbing straps

2007-07-13, 07:00
I just received an e-mail from Jim Hennessy telling me that he is sending replacements for my tree straps. Evidently, they are a newer type and he is finding that they wear at the loops from the hammock cord.

I haven't put that much use on my HH since I got it last month, so I haven't experienced this problem.

It's nice to deal with a company that stands behing its products, anticipates problems, and solves them for the buyer, all at no cost.

Congrats Jim, on running your company the "good old way"! :congrats:

Ed (who's very happy with his HH Exped Ultralight Asym)

2007-07-13, 08:03
The folks that make the Smith Bear Vault have the same attitude. They sent me a new & improved lid for their original model. They must have gone to some serious effort to track down buyers of their product.