View Full Version : Anybody ever see a Sleepcatcher hammock?

2007-07-15, 02:22
This thing is something else!

"Adjusts tighter than other hammocks thanks to cranks!"

"Chiropractor approved!"

But the real kicker, well aside from the pink haired model, are the add-on poles.

You have to laugh at, sorry, I mean look at this...

Fish! Survive!


2007-07-15, 06:35
First of all, they cant spell "Parashute" or "regement" correctly.

Second, there is no "Parachute Regiment Recruiting Team" that I know of. But I'm only in the 82nd Airborne Division, what do I know?

Unless, of course, its for another country since that beret isn't from our army.

If all that is phoney, how much of the other stuff is pure baloney??

2007-07-15, 07:38
"demoralizing walking"

Yes, I've always wanted to do something about all the demoralizing walking.
It really takes the joy out of my hiking.

2007-07-15, 10:51
You guys obviously missed the optional section poles that can turn into a fishing rod or crossbow.

ROFL. I found this hammock on a lark, doing a google for extreme camping. It was highly recommended by this guy (http://www.angelfire.com/ia3/camping/extremeprimitive.htm)

Honestly, making fun of these sites feels a bit like picking on the handicapped.

2007-07-15, 10:55
I want the " NEW! Mosqueto proof version. "

I don't even know what a Mosqueto is, but I'll sleep better knowing they
can't get in.

Just Jeff
2007-07-15, 11:23
That's great...it's like a hanging bivy, but only if "you are considering taking a year away..." What, you can't use it on an overnighter?

I've thought about making a hammock that completely encloses like that so I don't need a tarp. Then I realized that I'd have no protected place to cook or anything...which is pretty important if you're on a year-long trip!

2007-07-15, 12:19
You guys shouldn't be busting these folks for their spelling and grammar, they speak better English than we do Chinese. I'm sure their owner's manual would be a treat.

2007-07-15, 12:50
Thanks SS for the heads up. I didn't even click on the link. I have no need for another hammock, I have three Hennesseys.

2007-07-15, 12:54
I might be a bit paranoid here but there is no way that I'm going to knowingly download the Executable Program called "Sleepcatcher.exe" to see their "3d". I might have if I was sleeping but that part woke me up, NO WAY. Especially from a Web site that seems that it might be in Nigeria for all I know. Did anyone see a part that suggests that you pay by giving them your bank account number? For your convenience, so you won't be "bothered" having to send a check? They wouldn't have to go that far if you ran the program. No one should ever run a executable (.exe) program unless you know the source. I'd bet they know software coding better than they know Engrish! I could be wrong but still, I didn't run that crap. For those that did, you might want to checked your Task Manager. IMHO SS:captain:
P.S. FYI: For the record, Mosqueto 's are web based blood suckers.

2007-07-15, 23:06
No doubt, I saw that .exe file and didn't bother running it. You can click the set up section of the add-ons page and see it just fine. (least in firefox) Did you guys see the fishing reel and crossbow though? Outrageous.

Now, to be absolutely truthful, I was (obviously) a bit buzzed (okay, sloppy) to google "extreme camping" (I knew the results would be HE-lar-E-ous) and I missed almost all the spelling errors you guys are pointing out. I just though the transformers style crossbow and the run-lola-run model were too much not to share.

re: re: re: tarded.

2007-07-16, 10:10
I knew somebody had to have written something about this thing, so I decided to google sleepcatcher.

This conversation comes up in the second spot, indexed by Myspace News. Wierd, I had no idea this site was meta indexed.

2007-07-16, 16:45
Yes it definitely makes you think twice about posting anything here. Something I notice all the time about the gear we talk about here. I do google searches for most of the gear I am looking at buying and find my own post here about it, in the first page of hits. Frustrating and funny. :biggrin:

2007-07-16, 22:38
And of course with all the sick robo-commie-porn sites I visit on a regular basis you guys are all guilty by association.
You guys might not have a clue what robo-commie-porn is, but that doesn't really matter does it? I don't know either. :)

2007-07-16, 22:42
:biggrin: Now when people search for "robo-commie-porn" this will be the first hit.

2007-07-16, 22:52
SGT Rock is popular...lol.

2007-07-17, 17:58
Hello Guy's Nice to meet such an intresting mix,

I am the guy who created the Sleepcatcher and also did the website. I appreciate what you mean and will change my site to try to improve it.

I suffer slight dislexia and thats why my old site sucks a bit! I am working on the UK site right now which is http://www.sleepcatcher.com/uk/index.php

I am now manufacturing the hammocks in Houldsworth Mill. I have made them even lighter and am attempting to intergrate solar pannels. I am using carbon fibre mixed with Kevlar for the base and putting temper mattresses on them (so you can put them on the ground when there arn't tree's) The roofs will support themselves soon, I'll upload that soon.

I could do with a good photographer and website designer, but I stand by my product. The parashute regement recruitment team have tested them and you can see the chiropractor endorcement is legitamate. I have changed the .exe file for htm now so dont be afraid to click! Also you guys jumped on these problems when I've only last week uploaded them on the site. Swift or what?>! xxx call me on 07922987741 if you wanna chat or offer your site building skills.

2007-07-17, 18:36
I forgot to mension, I'm in the Uk now but I do have shipping in Santa Barbara for the Americans and Canadians, I will be living in New York soon if my girlfriend lets me! I've updated my site slightly and will replace the picture of Faith (the pink haired girl)

2007-07-17, 19:08
Owshegoinon eh?
Idn'ta fulish b'y, wee'd sur'na pud ar foontit.
ner'vy day b'y fine'nar speakin der ta gearmaker 'iself eh?

--------------Canadian to English translation--------------------------

*coughing sound that resembles both a question and exclamation*
How is it going ?
Isn't it foolish of us, we sure put our foot in it.
It isn't every day that we find we are speaking to the gear maker himself.

Welcome to the forums at any rate. Sorry if we were poking fun. If we were smarter we would have put 2 and 2 together and been better prepared for just such a circumstance. All that talk of meta tags too... and I am sure you suddenly notice this giant spike in site traffic linking from our location. Silly silly us.
Now that we've made a terrible first impression...
Allow us to make right by it, and start over.
Its a very interesting hammock set up you have. I would definitely like to hear more about it.
How much does it weigh?
What does it pack down to?
Would like to hear all the details.
Also you should join www.hammockforums.net the biggest place to get exposure for your product out to the hammock community. Lots of gear makers are members there.