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2007-08-06, 14:22
Hey Iceman, how did the hunting go? What kind of season is that? I've heard of spring and fall bear hunts but never one in August.:confused:
Should I be looking over my shoulder?

2007-08-06, 15:12
I think he said hunting bear:confused2 or was it bear hunting.

2007-08-06, 22:42
Bear. My three dayer' produced no bears. Some bear sign, saw tons of deer and elk, but no bear.

Out here in Washington, we have a spring bear season, by permit only. Our unscrupulous department of fish and game sells a ton of permits into just a few areas...many of these areas are impossible to hunt without bait, or dawgs... So incredibly thick..... I am about to try my hand at calling them "out", to call the bears into the open so I can gvie them a hot lead injection.

Our general season runs from August first, thru November. A liberal hunt, but an incredibly difficult one as well. Our sucess ratios out here are in the single digits in all areas of the state. Low single digits.

Calling them may be the ticket. I will give it a try some time this summer.

And, other note....the heat can work to your advantage since it concentrates the bears to the deepest coolest areas of any given area...

2007-08-07, 00:34
I can see Iceman now....
stealthfully moving through the woods, holding his rifle at present arms, while yelling "Here bear, here bear"


2007-08-07, 08:04
"Our general season runs from August first, thru November. A liberal hunt, but an incredibly difficult one as well. Our sucess ratios out here are in the single digits in all areas of the state. Low single digits."I would have thought you would pretty fair luck hunting liberals in the Seattle area.

2007-08-07, 08:15
Anyhow. Best of luck to you. Sounds like real heart pounding stuff. If I ever hunt bear it would be here on the East coast were they tend to be a little more co-operative, or so I've been told.

Anyhow, I'm still working on bagging my first squirrel. I've been scouting, you know, getting ready for the fall hunt, checking for squirrel sign. Keeping an eye out for places not to far from a road. The reds aren't too bad, but some of our greys can get pretty big. ;)

2007-08-07, 09:11
And I'd be willing to bet that baiting and dogs are illegal right? Now pardon my stupidity, How the hell do you "call a bear out"?:stupid: :stupido3:
I have a feeling I'm going to regret this.

2007-08-07, 09:14
That pretty good, the liberals in seattle....:biggrin: As soon as they open the season on them, I will take out as many as I can.

Dropkick, to call a bear out here, you open your barbeque lid, or crash a couple of trash can lids together-works every time!

2007-08-08, 03:05
I can see Iceman now....
stealthfully moving through the woods, holding his rifle at present arms, while yelling "Here bear, here bear"

I just cant see Iceman walking stealthily anywhere. I'm sure that if he stood still they would think that he is one of thier own and come up to say "Hi."

2007-08-08, 22:41
JimTanker is right, I cause more of a stampede when I am in the woods, I just keep my hunting buddies ahead of me, they do the shooting...

Bear, you use your rabbit distress call, and really lay on it hard and long, gets the bears adrenalin up, and he comes in. I have yet to try for bear... A friend of mine has a bunch of bears this way. Cougar also answer the call... Really any distress call can work, elk distress, fawn, bunny, anything screaming in the woods...
I am waiting to have a bear cross a road ahead of me, I go get out in front a ways, wait, then start the noise.

Do not practice this call at home, you will get a divorce, guaranteed. Makes the hair on the back of my neck stick up every time I wail on the call...

2007-08-09, 05:11
I had a friend who did elk calls in bars, restaurants, malls, etc.
Freaked people out and usually they couldn't locate him if he only did it once.

2007-08-09, 11:20
When blwing that distress call make sure you maintain 360 vision, them cougars are real quiet. Seeing one up real real close is spooky.

2007-08-09, 23:26
Good advice. I plan to have a "buddy system" going. Cougar shows up, I shove my buddy at it...then shoot the cougar. Nobody wants to call bear or cougar with me... Chickens!

2007-08-09, 23:40
I'm there for you man. You know I'm up for a good challenge. Besides, any bear has to be better looking than the women in that bar we went to. And they were meaner than any cougar.

2007-11-29, 17:57
tired of looking at the spam at the top of the forum so I'm bumping this to the top

2007-11-29, 21:24
Hey Iceman, how has the hunting been going? My son and I went opening weekend of rifle season and he got a nice doe then passed on a doe and 6 point the next day. I have seen a few deer but nothing I wanted to shoot. The following weekend I took my 14 year old step son and he got a spike but still nothing I wanted to take. This was his first hunt and has been wanting to go back bad. I get to go again next week for black powder then I will take him again the second weekend in Dec. Iíll be on vacation Dec. 21st through Jan. 3rd and hopefully the big boys will be out then.

Next year ought to be fun. They are running a gas pipeline through my area. They just finished clearing a 40 yard wide by 600 yard long stretch through my section of the club. I will have to build 2 new box stands to cover my old food plot and my new 600 yard long one. Going to buy a new scope for my Ruger 243 big bore target rifle. 6x24x50. Canít wait to get the stand built and set up some 300 and 400 yard targets. The pipeline goes way beyond my area and the shot distance Iíll have is limited only by my limitations. Iím gonna have to practice!

2007-11-29, 21:38
Actually good timing as the Deer and Elk season is over out here. Filled the freezer, now it is time to move on to Duck and Goose, then coyote.

I am in the market for a used 223/12 guage for Turkey and coyote hunting. More than once while calling Turkey, I have had coyote sneak up for a bite. Apparently I smell like schlllittt, cause they always chicken out when they get close.

2007-11-29, 21:40
Yep i hope you get it right miss put hole in pipe:afraid:

2007-11-30, 01:50
Taking care of my cousin's house while they're away. Went out to shovel snow and make it look occupied and found tracks in the snow (old tracks - come and gone).

Looked to see where the person had gone and discovered that it was an uninvited hunter. Sometimes you get these new people who move in from out of state and don't think they need to ask permission to hunt on your land.
Annoying but usually no big deal.

This ass killed a deer right beside the garage and then left the gut sack for me to deal with.

Don't want to leave it as it will start to stink come spring and also might attract bear - don't want them that close to the house.

Wish I could track him down and leave it under his car seat.

2007-11-30, 19:02
I watched a cougar attack show on the discovery channel the guy said they try to bite the back of your neck to kill you so stand up against a tree when your calling bear. He also said to use your coat and try to make your self look bigger and scare it. Personally I'll stand with my back to the tree and shoot at it if I hit it I'm sure that will scare it enough for what I need. Scare it right out of it's skin and on the roof rack of my suv. Saw a couple other calls this year from K&H. They have a bear cub in distress call. The distress calls don't make the hair on the back of my neck stand up as much as when the coyotes sneak up behind you and let a yelp out. pretty spooky in the dark, we're allowed to hunt racoon and coyote at night here. Has a pretty good dear season here got two four pointers, enough to fill the freezer. Sure do wish we had Elk like you do Iceman. I really need to go on a hunting trip, hohum!

2007-11-30, 20:51
Some big cats prefer to attack from behind. In regions like India and Bangladesh while walking through Tiger areas they tie a mask on the back of there head . The cat thinks your watching it and won't run up from behind. Sooooo,, Iceman , just print your smiling face on a sheet of paper and tie it to the back of your head. However, I think coyotes are closer to dogs than cats so it might not work. I'll ask Les, He's the man,:adore: He'll know! SS:captain:

2007-11-30, 21:03
Yeah, I had read that about cats...Maybe I will just shave a nose and eyes onto the back of my skull, my fat roll back there already looks like a smile....

2007-11-30, 21:29
No oops, pipe in ground at least 4 to 5 feet deep.

2007-12-01, 01:15
Bear, that sounds like where I practice long range stuff, same thing, a buried pipeline.... They keep it clear of brush and pile rows of stumps and the like every 100 yards of so to keep the four wheelers from driving down the pipeline. (Doesn't work...but a nice try...)

2007-12-01, 04:30
Down here they donít pile stumps on them to keep people off. They will keep it clear but not sure how often they will cut down the weeds. I plan to plant the whole length in my area with clover, oats, winter peas, etc. A couple of people in the club have tractors and one is like my adopted father. He is in his sixties and in poor health so I do a lot of his manual labor and he does my tractor work. Works out great but either one of us would do for the other regardless.