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2003-01-17, 20:21
The hard part of a climb. Usually where the toughest move is. Where you either make it or turn back.

2005-09-14, 22:06
Crux: A small but important constellation of the Southern Hemisphere and Equatorial regions. You ain't a-gonna see it from the AT, folks, no matter how high up that bald is! If you do the ECT SoBo you might see it from the Florida Keys in the right season.

Ook ook,

2005-09-16, 00:07
Crux: The Necky Crux. Possibly the world's most perfect whitewater kayak.

2005-09-16, 00:42
Crux: The part of tree you jam yourself into so you don't fall out when sleeping.
Where the branches of a tree split from the trunk.

i.e. After hearing the low snarl coming from just outside the camp Jim decided to abandon his low slung hammock and spend the night in fitfull sleep perched in the crux of a tree.