View Full Version : dow lined sleeping mats

2007-08-25, 01:59
anyone using these? they look good for winter hommocking. there lined with down and pack down to a very small size.


SGT Rock
2007-08-25, 04:16
My experience tells me you would want to go with the 26" wide version if you are going to try this.

2007-08-25, 06:18
Jay, for camping or ( cough ) hiking? Camping yes, hiking... I'll stick to my lightweight CCF blue pad. Those things are too heavy for me to lug around.

2007-08-25, 08:46
I own the Exped 7, and used it at Trail Days this summer. Very difficult to inflate with the stuff sack, impossible to get back into the original stuff sack (requiring the weight of an additional, larger one), and WAY HEAVY for backpacking. That all being said, it is very comfortable and highly recommended for "car camping".

2007-08-25, 09:55
Just Jeff, a poster here, has used a downmat in a hammock, maybe he'll chime in. You'll want the 26in wide for a hammock, and your elbows will still get chilled pressing against the side of the hammock on a cold morning. If they make a wide/short version you could use a CCF sit pad under your feet, if that is starting to sound like making a nutroll, it is because it is. You want comfort and simplicity? Get an under quilt.

Hog On Ice
2007-08-25, 18:30
well there are pluses and minuses with the DAM
wrt the use of the 26 inch version the downside is when you are in the cold - it takes considerably longer to warm up the mat than it does the 20 inch version - even with the 20 inch version it is bad enough in the cold that I used a CCF pad on top to slow down the loss of heat when first getting on the mat - after the mat warms up its good for the night but that first 20 - 30 minutes or so was heck at 10 deg. F
Another issue with the mat is leaks esp near the valves - this probably comes from filling the mat most of the way when cold and then warming it up by sleeping on it - generally make sure to only partially inflate the mat so that there is some room for warm up of the air. Wrt the stuff sack / pump - I got tired of using it so I went with a Coghlan's Air Pump like : http://www.campingsurvival.com/coairpu.html and made a home brew adaptor for fitting on the valve. The Coghlan's Air Pump worked well and a bit faster than using the stuff sack. Wrt putting the mat back in the sack - never did it - use deflated the mat and then folded it with the CCF pad in the Gearskin.