View Full Version : For Sale Nokia 8800 Luna For A Cheap Price Of $260usd

2007-08-25, 14:06
I am a dirty rotten spammer. :ahhhhh:

I tried to do it while SGT Rock was even on here posting - HE CAUGHT ME IN THE ACT!:bike:

Now I am a sad little woosy boy:afraid:

Cause my momma didn't raise me right. Sarge told me so:drillserg

Kindly acknowledge my inadequacies by spamming me back at :


Even my name says it all - Faggy:love:

Contact emails below for more details contact :

CONTACT PHONE..... +447045727112

SGT Rock
2007-08-25, 14:22
This jackass was trying to make a second thread in the cooking forum while I was PMing him a nasty-gram, jacking up his post, and banning him. I ought to call his ass.

2007-08-25, 14:29
LOL.... Can you say busted???

Frolicking Dino
2007-08-25, 19:42
I must say SPAM never tasted so good :D

2007-08-28, 23:20
Bad Boyz Bad Boyz Watcha ya gonna do when Rock finds yo AZZ Bad Boyz Bad Boyz!