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2007-09-04, 20:16
The following is a review in progress. This original post may be updated in
future should any information require alteration or further explanation.

Product: Convertible sleeping bag, with built in hammock

Manufacturer: High Peak / Simex Sport

Model: Panda Hammock

Images and Comments:
1. At first glance you have a synthetic fill mummy style sleeping bag.

2. Note the center-line zip with over cover and draft tube. This
also seen in the Feathered Friends Wren series of bags, the Speers Frog
Sac, and Exped Wallcreeper, is sheer brilliance and functionality for
hammock users.

3. & 4. Much like a transformer, two velcro tabs on either end of the bag
release the body-ends of the hammock and suspension system which is
permanently attached as part of the sleeping bag.

5. Dimensions and material composition. NOTE! This bag is
advertised as not recommended to anyone over 190cm.
In my limited evaluation of this product, and being 5ft,10" myself,
I can say this is a fair assessment.

6. The bottom of the hammock/bag features a separate full sleeve
insert to accomodate a full length pad, or series of pads. A personal
note: - your full length pads will need to be cut to a taper at the
foot end if you intend to use the entire length of the sleeve. I
would hypothesize this sleeve could accomodate up to 2" of
stacked pads without problem. I will confirm this at a later date.

7. Temperature rating is listed on the bag. The manufacturer
provides 3 different ratings for the bag +7 deg C, +2 deg C and
-13 deg C depending on your individual comfort. (I have no test data
on the accuracy of these ratings yet available)

8. Inside of hammock/bag features a small zip storage pocket
for personal items.

9. Side view of hammock/bag suspended

10, 11, 12. Various detail shots of bag/hammock interior

13. No ropes included with hammock. Provide your own suspension
system. Couldn't resist a blatent cameo for my modified Figure 9

14. The rig that is supplied with the hammock is a continuous loop of
webbing. This will be the first thing I cut and replace as it is an awkward
inefficient length, and prone to significant stretch.


End notes:

In my testing so far (current as of Sept 4/07) there are a few
items I would like to address. I am much more used to asym hammocks.
Because of this, I find the hammock far more confined. It is not possible
to lay as far on the diagonal as I would prefer.

I also feel the stock suspension system needs to spread. Perhaps I will
try a spreader bar or some means of allowing the ample gathered ends
to expand further than currently possible with a tight closed loop.

2007-09-05, 11:10
Unclear from your pictures: Is the sleeping bag insulation confined to the INSIDE of the hammock?
Thx for the review.

2007-09-05, 17:27
Yes, insulation is confined to what you would call the 'inside' of the hammock.
This is definitely why they added the pad sleeve for the bottom. What is
interesting however is the way that the sides of the hammock are dealt with.
There is very little compression of the side insulation except for when you
try and lay on the diagonal where you obviously put compression at your
head and feet.

They managed to keep compression off of the sides of the hammock by
the somewhat strange suspension system of the bag itself. Getting in
and out is rather difficult. Its alot like falling into a trench. The edges
of the bag are under great tension so that the bulk of the insulation
maintains loft.

2007-09-06, 15:58
I see now. It's sort of a bag with hammock capability rather than a hammock with a bag built in?
The trouble I have with 25" wide pads is they are so bulky when you're carrying them. I could stuff a quilt in that pocket and velcro the sides?
Modification to your Figure 9 is you ground off the teeth? Those concerned me in the original configuration. How do you think those would work if you used TreeHuggers? I hate pine sap all over my HH main lines.

2007-09-06, 18:17
No problem using a Fig 9 with treehuggers. Just run through your treehugger
loops and tie off same way as without.

You can 'dress' regular large Fig-9's in about 1/2hr. Sand/grind all of the
teeth completely off. Emery cloth works best, and keeps it rounded.
Make the 'v' notch a touch wider at the bottom and then cut off excess
tabs just a bit higher than where your hammock line sits in the groove.
If you want to use several different dia. ropes, just keep the tab on.

This suspension system is the lightest fully adjustable system yet
presented over on hammockforums.net

2007-09-18, 01:06
Turk what is the weight capacity for this hammock I don't see it listed on there website, is it listed on the hammock or anything that came with it?

2007-09-18, 01:41
I'm not Turk, but the website for the mfgr says 120kg.


2007-09-18, 20:20
Thanks CaSteve! 2.2 x 120 kg = 264 lbs and one pure_mahem sleeping on the ground with a good thud!:beer:

2007-09-19, 11:15
The Figure 9's work great for hanging the tarp, I'm really considering the larger one for suspension. My only concern is a recent fear I have obtained from a post over on HF about tree huggers failing due to the spectra cutting through. I could add a biner to the solution but that increases the weight............

Robert Blake
2007-10-08, 12:44
They seem to be on to something here.

If the manufacturer were to place the bottom insulation under the hammock sheet rather than above.............

They should also have an extra long version.