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2007-09-06, 04:35
What is your favorite food?

Jim Henderson
2007-09-06, 11:48
Favorite of all, or just while backpacking?

For backpacking I love my first night Steak and instant rice meal. I freeze a steak and wrap it up in my sleeping bag and then have a great steak the first night. Maybe a frozen corn too.

Traditional night cap is canned chili and instant rice.

The freeze dried foods have gotten more blah over the years. Way back when they frist came out in the 70s, they had great stuff with real big chinks of meat shrimp etc. Now, almost everything is noodles.

Some of the MREs are pretty good.

I think I am going to try out some frozen vacuum packed home foods since I got my vacuum sealer.

Not camping...
Favorite foods of all include Lobster Cantonese, A great Creamed Tripe dish I got at a restaurant in Florence Italy also Tortellini same place, a good steak, Korean ribs and I could go on.

Jim Henderson

SGT Rock
2007-09-06, 16:22
For backpacking - Zataran's red beans and rice with summer sausage and some hot sauce added in.

2007-09-07, 20:55
I like Thai Kitchen (I think that's the brand) dinners - Pad Thai, Red Curry, coconut curry, all good, lots of flavor and pretty good heat. They come packaged in a cardboard take-out style box, meant to be microwaved in the box after you add water (I out everything in a baggie and throw the box away before hiking.) I toss in some dried veggies and chicken flavored TVP (from Harmony House), or a foil pack of chicken or shrimp to really fill out the dinner. Lightweight, boil & wait cooking, fills me up plenty.

2007-09-08, 01:09
I do a lot of one pot cozy meals and some of them are very good, but the question was what's my favorite....

For simplicities sake on the trail I often like to eat a foil bag of tuna and some saltines. Clean up is next to nothing - rinse out the foil bag and wash my hands, no plate or utensils used.
It's probably because it requires so little effort that I like it so much.
....My next thought was pepperoni, cheese, and crackers.

In a base camp or when car or boat camping my favorite meal is ham and potatoes au gratin.

At home my favorite is meatloaf (like my mom makes it) baked potato and corn on the cob.

At a restaurant I'll go for Prime Rib.

Even though I was a cook for many years and have prepared a lot of very good dishes made with a lot of fancy sauces, at heart I'm a meat and potatoes guy and I'm happiest with a plain hunk of meat and some form of starch (preferably a potato).

2007-09-08, 02:37
Elk Burgers and gravy fries! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Hiking: Sheppards pie totally posible thanks to my dehydrator, that thing is simply awesome!

Man you guys are making me freaking hungry!

2007-10-21, 02:23
OK I know I'm kinda coming late but: I like Zataran's red beans and rice haven't tried it with summer sausage but I will next time :D.... also if I can find someone to get me one for 1 nighters an MRE is grate with some garlic, onion powder and some "Slap ya moma".... or if I'm camping a campfire foil dinner (meat, potato, carrot, onion, cream of mushroom and some seasoning..... All the way around GOOD EATING!