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2007-09-16, 23:28
Just an idea.
Rock can't you take unsuitable words and censor them so they won't post?
How about if you make Nokia into a swear word?
Seems like the majority of these idiots are trying to push cell phones, and very few, if any, legitimate posts would mention a cell phone by brand name.
So if you could do it, it might inconvenience the dorks.
Maybe they'll go play elsewhere.

SGT Rock
2007-09-17, 01:31
good idea:beer:

2007-09-17, 08:42
Nokia, nokia, nokia

2007-09-17, 08:42
Nope, not working yet...

2007-09-17, 11:22
Wanna hear something funny? Well Im gonna tell ya anyway!:biggrin: I was sitting here racking my brain trying to remember the name of the company that makes the cell phone I bought ,but I gave up after awhile and looked at this post and sure enough there it was"Nokia" lol. Its monday,what kin ya do?!:biggrin:

SGT Rock
2007-09-17, 13:33
I added some others too.

2007-09-17, 13:52
Y'all have some dirty mouths in here.... ;)

2007-09-17, 16:11
Well! My cell phone is made by Sanyo , says so right on it.....
I certainly don't know the aspects of running a web site and would never presume to give advise to anyone who does, without being asked and knowing what tools they have available . Especially to anyone doing a better job than I can and Sgt is one. As this forum is meant for the sharing of opinions . Here's mine. Don't make spammers happy. This forum is like a club house built by SGT Rock. A club house where people can gather, talk and share ideas. Sgt Rock gives anyone who wants to join a key to come in. I see it this way, spam is like graffiti. If some one tagged the inside of my club house. I wouldn't repaint the area (delete the spam) , then paint a message saying "this wall had graffiti and Jojo sucks" and then take away his key (ban them). The only thing that that would achieve is the spammer is banned under one e-mail address (they can get another and join again) and everyone who hates the spam still sees a wall with "Graffiti was here" forever in it's place. I don't see how that would solves anything. I imagine the spammer laughing at this and I would not want to be the cause of there enjoyment. I would erase the spam, keep the account open and not allow them to post anything without review. I have been on sites that after making a post it would not be viewable until reviewed. This might not be a option here. What I would prefer is when a spammer strikes, there posting be deleted and when they ever log in again delete there hard drive. That would make ME laugh not them. If deleting there hard is not possible removing the spam then moving on would suffice. IMO SS :captain:

SGT Rock
2007-09-17, 19:35
I don't like the option to keep a poster at zero until they have been moderated for new users. sort of like punishing everyone because of one jackass. So I'll keep messin with their spam because it is fun and if I ever meet one of these spammers I'll probably kick him in the nuts.

2007-09-18, 00:33
Kneecap him, Top. He'll remember it longer.:gob_nospa

Half Step

2007-09-18, 09:21
I really don't think these spammers are generally going back to the scene of the crime to enjoy their work like an arsonist sporting a "chubby". Rather, they are interested in money, drop as many links across the web, to make cash. Repeat spammers probably have just forgotten where they have left their spawn....and could care less if they double or triple up at any given sight.

It might be cool if Rocks sight could require registration for a day or so prior to posting, this should not keep lurkers who want to post out....a day's wait isn't to bad of a wait......, but a spammer may not want to have to return later to post...who knows...

Besides, if Rock and Dixie are having fun with it, YEAH!

2007-09-18, 11:44
I've been on other sites where the admin set it to where new members have to have a certain number of posts before they can post outside links.

This still doesn't stop all the spam though. AND it is a way to let off some steam sometimes...LOL. You'd be surprised how much fun it is coming up with some of those edits sometimes. :D