View Full Version : What type of rope do you use for a structual ridge line?

2007-09-19, 22:20
What type of rope do you use to make a structual ridge line in a hammock? I've been trying to find it out by looking throuh hammock sites and reading threads all over the place, but I am not finding out what people use. I've seen where people don't use spectra because it cuts there lines and people don't use 550 cord because it stretches too much and am having a lot of trouble finding a rope that doesn't have stretch to it. Looking around I've seen that what people are using in the picture looks to be smaller than the 550 cordc in diameter , but what is this stuff and where would I get it? Or is it simply Spectra line that peoplehave found a different way to attach so it doesn't cut the main lines. I would assume this stuff would have to be pretty strong to keep the hammock from trampolineing when setting it up, how ever I am really new at this and am having some dificulties on this issue.

2007-09-19, 22:55
Spyderline (http://www.apsltd.com/Tree/d279000/e276768.asp) (dyneema with polyester cover) works well for that purpose.

2007-09-20, 01:42
I was using para cord/550 but it does stretch and caused me some problems.
I moved from it to using a nylon center clothesline cord mainly because I had it, but I never really liked it.
Lately I've been using some 3/4 in. nylon webbing. It's heavier than the gram counters might go for, but I really like it as it doesn't stretch, works very well with my overhead tarp, and is easy to handle (doesn't get tangled if I get in a hurry and don't put things away correctly).
I usually buy it from my local farm supply store for .30 a foot.
Sometimes I get it from REI, or from my neighborhood upholsterer.

2007-09-20, 01:59
Thanks for the link Sparrow it was very helpful!

2007-09-20, 14:48
This stuff is awesome!

1/8" amsteel is great. Fairly cheap, no stretch, its hard like wire so it
doesn't get tangled and has a strength of 1800lbs.

2007-09-21, 03:34
Okay this leads me to the next question what's the difference between Dynema 75, Dynema 60, and spectra 1000? as in properties it seems that Turk said the Amsteel which is 12 strands of Dynema 60 is like hard wire and very strong. The spyder line has a dynema 75/ spectra 1000 core and this seems to much like rope. The amsteel sounds like a better idea but curiosity does spark inquiring minds. I am thinking I still may use a small diameter spyderline for guylines for my tarp though. You have all been very helpful THANK YOU!

2007-09-21, 11:08
Okay this leads me to the next question what's the difference between Dynema 75, Dynema 60, and spectra 1000?

Dyneema/Spectra are both ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra_high_molecular_weight_polyethylene) products, and are chemically identical but are sold under differing trade names.