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2007-09-22, 01:57
So this is "THE PURE MOTTS' LANTERN" invented and designed by Pure Mahem accept not immitations it's simply the best!

2 MOTTs apple sauce single serving plastic cups
Bottom portion of one soda can (However a red bull can would probably work with even less modification)
About ten inches of floral wire (found this stuff at walmart a long time ago it's cheap and strong I also use this for small game snares in my survival kit)
2 split rings probably not necessary but thats how I made it
1 four hour tealight I have not seen the 2 hour tealights

Small pair of sharp scissors (I have ones that kind of have a curve to them I use for fly fishing)
1/16" Drill bit in a drill
Needle nose pliers

I started by cutting the bottom out of one of the apple sauce cups.

Then I drilled six holes around the outside bottom of the other cup.
Next I drilled two holes, one on each side of the top lip on both of the cups, so the holes line up when you stack the cup with the bottom cut out upside down on the cup with the holes drilled around the bottom.

I then attached a split ring to one end of the floral wire by twisting it on like a bread tie using my needle nose pliers to hold the ends of the wire.
I threaded the wire up from the bottom side of the cup with the holes drilled in the bottom through the lined up holes in both cups and over the top of the entire assembly and down through the holes on the other side and attached another split ring on the that side creating a hanging/carrying handle for the light.
Next I made a bowl for the tealight to sit in as to difuse the heat away from the bottom of the apple sauce cup, so as not to melt the bottom.
In order to do this I took a pepsi can and trimmed around the bottom with my scissors, I used the paint line on the can as a guide to cut a perfect circle.
Next I cut a series of cuts around the bottom of the can approximately 1/8 of an inch apart. I faced the cuts toward the center of the can and ended the cuts right where the can starts to bend up to the rim of the concave bowl.

I then used the needle nose pliers to bend the tabs straight down all the way around the can so that the can bottom would rest in the bottom of the apple sauce cup and lay there flat with out popping up at an angle. This step takes a little bit of finessing to get it right.
I also think you may be able to use the botom 1/4 inch of a red bull can for this with out doing all the bending like I did on the pepsi can. However, I used the materials I had at hand.

Now place the Tea light on top of the soda can bottom and pick up the center of the floral wire and tah dah now you have "THE PURE MOTTS' LANTERN". Enjoy.
I don't have a scale but this thing is really light.

The top shade moves up to open for easy placement and replacement of the tealight.

The whole light can be carried any where it is not hot either by the wire handle or the base.

The light can be hung by the handle or set on a table it is really stable.

The light remains slightly warm and does not melt or distort any of the plastic at all.
I have burned a 4 hour tealight in it completely through and it remained the same the whole way through, usure of results with a 2 hour tealight but I have yet to see one of these.

This thing is awesome and easy to make!


I had to throw in the disclaimer you never know what some one will try to sue you over. LOL

I've tested the light quite a bit since Originally making it. I can say that it can be made with out the split rings and with out the can bottom diffuser. I burned a 4 hour tealight from begining to end and my coffe table was not hot underneath it when I would remove the lantern and feel for warmth.

As Always though NEVER LEAVE A CANDLE TO BURN UNATTENDED! Candles need constant supervision you can't just light 'em and walk away or you may be standing in a blanket next to a firetruck while they dowse your hose to put out the fire.

SGT Rock
2007-09-22, 05:37
Got any pictures?

2007-09-22, 12:56
A picture saves a thousand words :biggrin:
When can we see it?

Lone Wolf
2007-09-22, 23:33
Teaka has some great headlamps

2007-09-23, 03:55
Pics Are Up!

2007-10-22, 14:50
What a neat idea, and so simple. I'll have to get some of those cups and
make some lanterns for our camping picnic table. Thanks for sharing.

2007-10-22, 22:23
Teaka has some great headlamps

Some of us just like making stuff. We're not trying to be cheap; just doing it for fun.

2007-10-22, 23:24
Some of us just like making stuff. We're not trying to be cheap; just doing it for fun.
The Heck with that!
I'm cheap!

2007-10-23, 01:39
The Heck with that!
I'm cheap!

I buy cheap stuff; I buy expensive stuff; I make stuff. This hiking stuff is just what I like to do.

Doubt I'm the only one...

2007-10-23, 20:58
Doubt I'm the only one...
I'm a Scot. I'm tighter than a crab's rear end, and that's watertight!

I made a Pure Motts Lantern tonight.