View Full Version : Has any body used this?

2007-09-23, 19:57
I was surfing through Campmor.com and came across this. It seems amazingly simple. Has/does anyone use this or a variation to support and adjust there hammock? Likes/ dislikes?

2007-09-23, 20:01
Yep thats all i need one more knot to learn.:ahhhhh: :ahhhhh:

SGT Rock
2007-09-23, 21:52
Nope, I have never used one.

2007-09-23, 22:44
I use cinch buckles from here www.onrope1.com/store/index.php?p=product&id=118&parent=4
Webbing from here.www.owfinc.com/Hardware/Shardware/webbing.asp Woodland green
2000lb.rated,polyester, low to no stretch, $7.28 for 24'
Weighs about the same as Speer 1" polypropylene webbing.
2 carabiners.www.rei.com/product/736487
Spyderline 5/32 rope

I attach a length of the Spyderline from my hammock to the buckles. Then webbing is run thru buckles and wrapped around tree with carabiner that is clipped in loop of webbing. Works very well. Simple, super fast.

2007-09-23, 23:11
I never used one either Pure. A piece of aluminum with hole for $15.99 plus shipping. I imagine a tube or flat thin strip would weigh less, function the same and can be made at home for a lot LE$$. I never hung a hammock camping but have used many tents. One knot I always use is a Tautline Hitch, since my Boyscout days. It's easily adjustable after being tied and doesn't slip or loosen under load. Will this knot not work hanging a Hammock &/or tarp???? Here is a link http://www.realknots.com/knots/hitches.htm#tautline
cheers SS:captain:

2007-09-24, 00:18
I'm actually thinking of making one out of some spare magnesium rod. I have a body at a machine shop that will do it for me as machining magnesium has many hazards. An advantage of this is it's lighter than alluminum, Stronger than alluminum, and can double as an emergency tinder for a fire starter by scraping powder off of it. As I would only use it for that in an emergency I would worry about weakening my hammock support. But this would allow me to take an item out of my survival kit and not carry two items that can do the same thing. This has really got me thinking now.

might be able to make a smaller one out of a ferrocerium rod to use on my guy lines.lol I couldn't even imagine trying to drill a hole in a ferrocerium rod. Yikes.