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2007-09-29, 01:34
We have all brand and Model of Mobile phones , we specialised in the sales and promotion of the most demanding Network services e.g like T-MOBILE US, T-Mobile UK, ORANGE SERVICES, VODAFONE SERIVES,CINGULAR WIRELESS and all kinds of TVs. Our phones are accompany with letter of authenticity and has 18months international warranty and information warranty. We operate a 100% RETURN POLICY GUARANTEE , we reach the world through first class realiable courier like DHL, FEDEX and UPS with 48hrs fast delivery.We have the integrity that we have been maintaining for the past 15 years of operation ,we have never for once disappointed our invaluable customers our rules and regulation are so soft comply with and also we would like you to know that we are the award winning company in UK for the year 1995,1998,2000,2001,2004 till date.

sony vaio T340P/L PMC-1.2GHz with free intel mobile kit ......$500USD
sony vaio Z1RAP1 - pentium M1.5 GHz- 14.1 TFT.......$800usd
sony vaio S460P/B 0GB HD,512MB ram, XP Pro (US).....$1000usd
sony vaio VGN-BX60P27 inter Cord 2 Duo 15.4 Wide XGA........$700usd
sony vaio A600 PM 770 2.1g 1GB 100GB DVD Player ......$900usd

2GB MP4 Player --------------------------------------$250USD
Apple Computer **** Nano 2GB White ------------------$110USD
Apple Computer **** Video 30GB White------------------$120USD
Apple **** 20GB (Color Screen)-------------------$150USD
**** Nano 2GB (Black) --------------------------$100USD
Xbox Video Game System console---------------------------$150USD
Xbox 360 Core System---------------------------$160USD
Xbox 360 Platinum System ---------------------------------$180USD
Xbox 360 "Premium Gold Pack" Video Game System------------ $200USD
Xbox 360 "Core Sports Bundle" Video Game System ----------$220USD

***** E50 --------------------------------$130USD
***** E60 --------------------------------$150USD
***** E61 --------------------------------$170USD
***** 6280 -------------------------------$150USD
***** 6131 -------------------------------$130USD
***** 6310(UNLOCK)------------------------$110USD
***** 6310i(UNLOCK)-----------------------$100USD
***** 6610(UNLOCK)------------------------$100USD
***** 6800(UNLOCK)------------------------$110USD
***** 7110(UNLOCK)------------------------$100USD
***** 7210 Turquoise(UNLOCK)--------------$120USD
***** 7250(UNLOCK)------------------------$160USD
***** 7260(UNLOCK)------------------------$180USD
***** 7650(UNLOCK)------------------------$120USD
***** 7270(UNLOCK)------------------------$220USD
***** 7280(UNLOCK)------------------------$250USD
***** 8310(UNLOCK)------------------------$100USD
***** 7600(UNLOCK)------------------------$170USD
***** 8910 Titanium-----------------------$100USD
***** 8850 SPECIAL EDITION----------------$105USD
***** 8850 GOLD EDITION-------------------$100USD
***** 8910 Black--------------------------$110USD
***** 9210 Communicator-------------------$110USD
***** 9210i Communicator------------------$110USD
***** 9300 Communicator ------------------$110usd
***** 8910i-------------------------------$150USD
***** 9500 AT JUST -----------------------$195usd
***** 8850 GOLD EDITION-------------------$120USD
***** 9300 AT JUST -----------------------$160usd
***** 8800 AT JUST -----------------------$200USD
***** 6600 AT JUST -----------------------$130USD
***** N70 At JUST ------------------------$140usd
***** N71 AT JUST ------------------------$160USD
***** N72 AT JUST ------------------------$170USD
***** N73 AT JUST ------------------------$190USD
***** N75 AT JUST ------------------------$250USD
***** N76 AT JUST ------------------------$270USD
***** N80 AT JUST ------------------------$200usd
***** N90 AT JUST ------------------------$220usd
***** N91 AT JUST ------------------------$240usd
***** N92 AT JUST ------------------------$260usd
***** N93 AT JUST ------------------------$280usd
***** N95 AT JUST ------------------------$300USD
***** N97 AT JUST ------------------------$400USD

SONY ERICSSON T29s------------------------$100usd
SONY ERICSSON T600------------------------$100usd
SONY CMD-J7-------------------------------$100usd
SONY CMD-J6-------------------------------$100usd
SONY ERICSSON T300(UNLOCK)----------------$100usd
SONY ERICSSON T616 850/1900 --------------$180usd
SONY ERICSSON T610------------------------$109usd
SONY CMD-MZ5------------------------------$139usd
SONY ERICSSON P800(UNLOCK)----------------$180usd
SONY ERICSSON P900(UNLOCK)----------------$200usd
SONY ERICSSON P980i(UNLOCK)---------------$200usd
SONY ERICSSON P990 JUST FOR ...------------$210USD
SONY ERICSSON W800i AT JUST --------------$140usd
SONY ERICSSON W900i AT JUST --------------$220usd
SONY ERICSSON S700i AT JUST --------------$125usd

******** V300[UNLOCK]C/R------------------$100USD
******** V400[UNLOCK]C/R------------------$115USD
******** V600-----------------------------$120usd
******** MPX 220 AT JUST------------------$120usd,
******** MPX 300 AT JUST----------------- $160usd,
******** V661 AT JUST --------------------$145USD
******** V3 RAZ JUST FOR..................$160USD BLACK COLOR

******* SGH-A500-------------$150USD
******* SGH-T500 Champagne---$100USD
******* SGH-V200-------------$110USD
******* SGH-T200-------------$110USD
******* SGH-S307 850/1900----$110USD
******* D500 AT JUST --------$160usd,
******* D415 AT JUST --------$120usd
******* D900 AT JUST --------$300USD


****** i930 AT JUST ---------$110usd,
****** i860 AT JUST ---------$100usd,
****** 1930 JUST FOR...------$120USD
****** i870at JUST FOR ..----$140usd
****** i450 JUST FOR ..------$90usd
****** 1860 JUST FOR ..------$110USD

MY S-7 ----------------------$160
MY X7 -----------------------$130
MY X 8 ----------------------$150
MYC5-2 ----------------------$120

play station 1.........----- $150 usd
play station 2 ....----------$200usd
plat station 3.....----------$200usd

SIDEKICK I AT JUST ----------$100usd
SIDEKICK 2 JUST FOR ..-------$150USD
SIDEKICK 3 JUST FOR ...------$200usd

******** WII FOR JUST -------$200USD

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2007-09-30, 02:05
Sometimes, your name says alot about you....

SGT Rock
2007-09-30, 09:47
I have a cople of these to "fix". Isn't interesting they don't even stick around to see if their "work" can be read?