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2007-10-03, 00:17
My wife just came home and gave me a 2 day early Birthday present!
I AM A VERY HAPPY MAN!:birthday: :beer:


I love her very much!:love: :handkiss: :dancing: :birthday:

This has got to be the best Birthday present I have ever got, WOW!

(do you think she wants something?lol)

I got my new trail gun,LOL!:beer:

2007-10-03, 09:50
LOL... Sounds like she knows her man.

Happy birthday (early)!

You guys and your toys...LOL!

2007-10-03, 10:16
Wow! Very nice! I'll bet you can't wait until Xmas now.... You better figure out what she would appreciate.....

I have been married for 20 years and here is my advice on gifts for the Lady. (Not that you wanted my advice, but I will share anyway...heh 'heh 'heh'...)

Ask her directly in a written format exactly she wants...

Get pictures from her if possible.

Get her initials or signature on the documents

Specify, specify, specify.

Copy and save the original document in a secure place.

Ask her in advance if she knows how much the items cost.

Be specific. Size, shape, color. (Color is a huge problem when purchasing items for women, as they perceive colors differently than men do, blue is not blue, red is not red. Women perceive color differently each day, believe me, I know this as I was a general contractor for ten years and had the unfortunate experience of dealing with women and house paint. Ladies, you know this is true...)

Be sure to wrap your gift early. Do not wait. Do not think you will get time later to do this. Do not allow customer service staff to wrap your gift as many issues will arrive later. Price stickers may still be attached. Although this may work to your advantage, and you could always place "hyped-up" false price stickers on a gift, but this would be a dangerous move on your part, as the item may get returned causing her much embarrassment and your death. Another issue about price tags is; when a lady opens a gift, she may have a general idea as to the value of the item, but from my experience, women would rather not know. This makes them feel better-not knowing "exactly". This too can be used to your advantage if worked properly.... Wrap by yourself,and make it a little messy, sort of like a third grader did it... This looks "cute". "Oh look, how cute, did you wrap this your self...?" (This may get you sex later...work it...) Additionally, (I know) if you wrap the gift better than she can wrap, she will feel bad, inferior, and hate you.

Have a back up plan.

If the item does not go over with a "bang", then go for the extra hidden gift. Do not go there too early. Wait......wait.......wait...... assess her emotional well being....wait.....(think, "do I really need to go for the extra gift, or should I return it and buy myself something....maybe save it for the anniversary or valentines day.....)......wait......


If you can force a tear, you win. Doesn't matter if she likes the gift or not. You tear up, she will love you, no matter what the piece of shit is....

Most importantly, as you shop for your sweetie, always remember that every dollar you spend on her, is money well spent....because you will not feel guilty later when you secretly buy a new holster, trijicon sights, and a couple of extra mags for that new pistol she bought you!

2007-10-03, 12:30
I would especially follow Iceman's advice when getting a gift for any woman who knows how to pick out a 9mm...

2007-10-03, 15:56
I think the minister said something like that to me before I said I do, LMFAO! I think I also read that on the second page of the marriage handbook, REALLY GOOD ADVICE!!!:beer:

2007-10-03, 18:38
Great stuff Iceman! :laugh:
(ever thought of writing a 'Smooth Talking' manual and including some SOP's for us less enlightened blokes?)

2007-10-04, 07:43
Here I was expecting to see a new hammock. I guess we know where my head's at...

(I've already got 3. Waiting for a Bear Mtn. Bridge next, lol.)

2007-10-04, 09:42
Here I was expecting to see a new hammock. I guess we know where my head's at...

(I've already got 3. Waiting for a Bear Mtn. Bridge next, lol.)

Just as likely to see guns and knives on Rock's site....LMAO.

2007-10-04, 22:26
Just as likely to see guns and knives on Rock's site....LMAO.

Yeah, I just got a new knife, and had to get a diamond hone set so that I could get it razor sharp. Why have good steel if it won't split air molecules? :beer:

2007-10-05, 02:21
Mahem, Don't take your new toy to work in place of your paintball gun.

2007-10-26, 13:01
My gf hates guns WAY too much for me to ever expect getting one from her haha.

SGT Rock
2007-10-26, 14:45
Get her one first. If she doesn't like it she can always return it (to you)