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2007-10-14, 02:00
Well I've come up with a very slightly different and quicker method and I liked the results.

I did the whole thing with the oven set at 200F and I had the meat on cookie sheets the whole time. (Usually I turn the oven lower than this after the first cooking, or use my dehydrator, and normally I don't use the cookie sheets after the first cooking - use rack)

-All my measures below are approximate as I cut the meat by hand and just dumped the spices in.

I sliced a 3 lb. roast into 1/4 inch slices.

I put the meat slices into a plastic bag and dumped in 1 Tbsp. salt, 1/2 Tbsp. garlic powder, 1/4 Tbsp. black pepper, 1/2 Tbsp. crushed red pepper.
I tossed the meat around in the bag till it was coated with spices.

I set the meat aside for about 10 minutes while I warmed the oven, cleaned up the kitchen, and got out the cookie sheets (don't know that this time period is really important but it might have allowed flavors to mingle).

I put the meat flat on 3 cookie sheets in a single layer and put them in a 200F oven with the door closed. I let them cook for about 1/2 hour. (I normally do this with all my jerky to sanitize the meat).

I pulled the cookie sheets out of the oven and stacked the meat on a plate.
I dumped all the meat juices on the cookie sheets into my dogs' dish and then washed and dried the cookie sheets. I turned the meat over and put it back on the cookie sheets.

I put the meat back in the oven and propped the door open (about 1/2 inch gap) with a wooden spoon. I cooked the meat for a little over an hour (still at 200F).

The meat wasn't quite dry enough, but it was close, I decided to go to bed and finish drying it the next day. I laid it on a plate in single layers with paper towels between the layers. I put it in the refrigerator covered only with the paper towel.

The next day when I pulled it from the frig it had dried itself through the wicking of the paper towels and the dry air in the refrigerator. It didn't need anymore drying.

This is the least amount of time and effort I've ever spent preparing a batch of jerky and I liked the results. Thought I'd pass it along.

2007-10-14, 13:20
I like your method, simple. I'll have to try it I just bagged a 3point buck w/ my bow I quickly named him, I call him "campmeat". (3 points is all together, 2 on 1 side with a spike on the other, New England scoring method. "just count the feaking points willya!")

2007-10-14, 15:53
Congrats PM, any deer taken with a bow is a trophy. Do you use a compound or traditional? I used to shoot a recurve as a kid and was pretty good but have not shot one on a regular basis for years. I have had a couple of compounds over the years since I have been in a hunting club but would really like to go back to a recurve bow and instinctive shooting but never seem to have the time to practice regularly. This bow season I wonít even get a chance to hunt because of the overtime I have been working and my wife and I have a vacation next week. In fact for 3 of the days on our trip we will be in Sgt. Rocks neck of the woods as we have a cabin rented in Walland Tennessee. No, I donít think she would appreciate an anniversary trip to the deer camp.

2007-10-14, 17:13
Take her to deer camp and tell her she only deer you need.Then at the pud at the deer talk you can say i got my deer.:bath:

Jim Henderson
2007-10-15, 13:44
A better method especially if you want to make a lot of jerky would be to get yourself a smoker. I have a Luhr Jensen Big Chief smoker. It is electric and uses wood shavings of various flavors.

Instead of using the smoking grates I use bamboo skewers to string the meat up for hanging in the smoker. This way I can hang and smoke about 5-10 pounds of meat at a time for smoking. Depending on weather and how you cut the meat it takes about 10-15 hours to smoke the meat and uses about 2 smoker pans of wood shavings. The bags they sell are enough for many batches of jerky, smoked fish etc.

I marinate the meats in gallon size ziplock bags using various brines and spices. One of my family's favorites is a teriyaki style jerky using soy sauce, sake, garlic, sugar, salt and spices to taste. I marinate the meat a day or two in the fridge and then smoke. I use an electric meat slicer to slice the semi frozen meat to the desired thickness. Usually we go for a soft feeling meat, nice and chewy. We don't smoke to leather consistency like store bought jerky.

Whenever sirloin steak is on sale we buy a bunch and slice it up for jerky. Chuck also works but the fat needs to be trimed or it is supposed to go rancid. We eat it fast enough that this has not been a problem.

This is pretty no fuss. Only negative is that the smoker generates enough smoke that it will smoke up the house if you leave a window open near it. Probably iffy for apartment dwellers.

The meat stores well and is a "staple" when the boys and I head for the woods.

I have heard of people converting old refrigerators into big smokers to do large batches of meat.

Just some ideas for people who like smoked meats and fish.

Jim Henderson

2007-10-16, 06:22
Oops, If I took her to the deer camp for our anniversary trip it would be my head hanging on the wall! Besides, I would not do that to her, she is too good a woman and deserves much better than the deer camp. She does go there at other times with me though.

2007-10-16, 09:45
I shoot a compound, I picked one up when I was 18 and it all just seemed natural to me nailing bulseyes at 3o yards the first time I ever shot one. I had a long bow when I was a kid but seemed like I had trouble hitting the broad side of a barn with it, probably didn't help we were using sticks we cut for arrows,lol. Anyways ever since then I have loved bow hunting, I like it much more than rifle seems like you get closer to the deer and you see more of them. Probably also do to the fact there not spooked from gunfire yet,lol. I have all my tags for the year(rifle, archery, muzzle loader) even though we're only allowed 2 deer total I'm thinking I might go get another archery stamp if I don't bag anything during rifle. I think I'd hunt all year round with a bow if they;d freaking let me.

2007-10-19, 00:48
I just came down from the hills, was up there from Sunday till today (Thur) and I saw a ton of deer and elk.

I've been seeing many more lately than normally. Maybe it's because of all the fires we've been having the last few years. Clears out the trees and provides more grazing areas. More food = more babies.

Makes me wish I got an elk tag this year, but I don't have the freezer space right now. Don't think I'm going for a deer this year either.

I have some land up in the Bitterroot Mountains (Montana) and my closest (maybe 1/4 mile) neighbor shot (w/bow) his elk this year as it walked between his house and shed. Saw it from a window and snuck up on it out his garage door.

Elk meat is so much better tasting than beef.

2007-10-19, 03:01
Are the elk tags on a lottery system or can any resident get one? I have had elk meat once from someone in our club that hunts in Colorado and it was by far the best tasting meat I have ever had. Very tender and almost a sweet taste to the meat. It has been over 30 years since I was in Montana. Going to have to make a trip back sometime soon. I was close last October, South Dakota and Wyoming but no time for Montana.

2007-10-19, 06:02
There are a bunch of different types of elk licenses, the different types depending on variables like: the area you want to hunt, elk population, sex of elk available for hunting, number of tags applied for, and whether the hunter is disabled, a youngster, or a senior citizen.
Though in general for a resident elk tags are all based on lottery.

Again in general, for a non resident you can try the lottery for around $600 (not sure but this amount might be non refundable, win or lose) or you can go through a outfitter and get a guaranteed license for around $1100 (if they haven't all been already sold). These licenses allow for both an elk and a deer, plus upland birds.

Also after you have one of these licenses, you can try the lottery again for about $10 and get a chance at another elk tag.

Non resident isn't cheap, and you also have to apply to Fish and Game before the middle of March.

Still if you get an elk, the meat's cheaper than the same amount of beef (if you only count the cost of the tags and butchering in the total). And the experience is worth something too.

2007-10-20, 00:04
sounds like it's like getting a moose permit here! except a moose lottery chance only cost ten bucks and you don't have to get a license if you don't want to unless you win. I run a sporting goods department and of all the licenses I sold through out the year I've only heard of one person getting a moose permit in Five years that I've been doing it.

I've had elk one when I was younger it was really good as I remember. I would love to go on a hunt for elk, or carribou, or a really big bear, or a moose....... that's it I;m moving to freaking alaska so I can get something really big.....I wonder if a S&W 460V is big enough to take on a Polar Bear?LOL

Any body know if they have a cold season in Africa, I wouldn't mind going but I aint sweating to death for nothing...LOL!

2007-10-20, 04:48
Mahem, There is a gentleman in my neighborhood that makes at least one trip a year to Africa. The price is really not too bad compared to some of our outfitter hunts in this country. I read an article recently that said a 5 star accommodation 5 species hunt was between 8 to 10 thousand without air fare. This guy has a 20 x 30 den that looks like the inside of Cabelaís with all the mounts. He told me while hunting there once his guide asked him what he thought of the jungle. He told him, I have more mosquitoes in my back yard than you have in this whole jungle, I have some property at home that if I walked half as far as we have walked I would have seen more water moccasins tan all the snakes I have seen so far, and it is no where near as hot and humid as it is back home. He loves going over there but personally Africa does not attract me. My dream hunt is like you. I want to go to Alaska. Moose, caribou, and some prime fishing.

2007-10-20, 23:49
I'm making my packing list: snowmobile, quad, large gun, bigger gun, even bigger gun, ammo, knife, beef jerky, pants, shirts, shoes okay I'm packed.....wonder if I need a passport to drive to Alaska...going through canada and all?......could just take my fourwheeler and tow the snowmobile I guess,LOL, then I'm gonna have to take my hammock, my sleeping bag, and lots of water, Not suppose to drink the water in foreign countries yah now. ahh maybe all just chance it,LOL!

2007-10-25, 20:39
i tried dropkick's jerky method, hey it works pretty well! i been looking for a qiuck easy way for years, this is the best i have came across.
easy ,qiuck and fast clean up.
also being simple you can add to it for taste, by adding your choice of seasoning. I am not a fan of garlic powder, i used salt, black prepper and old bay seasoning.
well done Dropkick