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2007-10-19, 14:34
Hey all.
so I have been looking for a cheap way to get into hammock camping so has anyone made a hamock? if so mind sharring plans/ideas?.... Thanks.


Hog On Ice
2007-10-19, 15:23
lots of links over on hammockforums.net

probably one of the better is Just Jeff's site http://www.tothewoods.net/HomemadeGear.html

or Flyfisher's site http://www.imrisk.com/

SGT Rock
2007-10-19, 16:03
Yep. Just Jeff's site will get you on the right track. My wife and I have both made homemade hammocks using those instructions that came out right the first time and didn't cost a lot. I think I spent $8 on the hammock and I'm using a $45 sil-nylon tarp from Ettowah Outfitters with it because we hate sewing sil-nylon.

2007-10-20, 00:50
OK thanks for the links, maybe a stupid thing but what metrical is best (and easy to find).... thanks.

SGT Rock
2007-10-20, 09:03
Follow these one at a time:

Introduction and Overview
1. Hammock Body
2. How to Whip a Hammock
3. Hammock Supports
4. Ridgeline

Then figure out your tarp.