View Full Version : Cheap Ground Pad for sitting and such

2007-10-19, 23:32
Take a yard of the fleece-backed tablecloth vinyl that is sold in the fabric section of Wal-Mart or a fabric store. Cut a square of of this between 24" and 36". Use it anywhere you want to sit down, set something down, keep something off the ground, or whatever. I've used mine on every hike and on my last hike I used it to keep my stocking feet out of the dirt and leaves, as a 'sit upon', and as a doormat.

I prefer the heavier, softer material with the white backing fabric for mine. It deals with puncture and abrasion better, because it is more rubbery than a plastic tablecloth of the same type, and it's available in a better selection of colors.

Somewhere I have pictures of mine....

2007-10-22, 18:50
:adore: good idea!! could also be usedas a cozy or an insulated wrap for a sore knee etc.:adore:

Hog On Ice
2007-10-22, 19:57
could also be used as a seat insulator for those very cold trips to the privy :toilet:

2007-10-22, 20:02
HOI nailed that one. I'm buying.