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2007-10-23, 15:17
I like to make alcohol stoves from containers that only require holes, instead of machining the bottom from one container and the top from another. I've made them from Western Auto solder tins and Gamo pellet cans. Here is one made from a Mint Tin.

A Mint Tin is a cute little 1.9" can that a company might order with their logo, to give away at conferences. When you press on the center of the top, it goes Pop! and releases from the bottom. When you replace the top and squeeze the rim, it goes Pop! and grips the bottom.

This little stove holds 15 to 20 ml of alcohol. I made a base to help prime it, and to hold it at the same height as the other ion-like stoves, so it will work with a Heineken pot and holder. With few ml of alcohol in the base, it starts fast.







Above is my Heavy Duty Heineken Keg Stand.
It's half of a pencil basket from a desk set.
It is almost safe to use around Klutz Kampers
who tend to knock things over!

SGT Rock
2007-10-23, 19:26
cool little stove

2008-01-14, 01:58
Mint tins work great - but are usually made of steel and heavier than a comparable aluminum stove. But they are also more durable and take less hydrocarbons in manufacture over the life of the item. For some, a lesser environmental impact warrants the minescule added weight.

A caveat: The mint tin stoves tend to hold heat better, so prime easier - but they cool slower and if you try to pick it up as soon as you would an alcohol stove you will get a nasty little singe. (My first experiment left me with part of the mint logo as a reminder for an hour or so.)