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2007-10-24, 13:37
Just a word to the wise:

I had trouble with my security system & the repairman showed up early evening, right at suppertime... He started seeking out the problem in the windows and doors and was off into my back room before I knew it. With noone else in the house, I'd forgotten that I'd left my Beretta, wrapped in a soft sock, on the dresser, along with $4000 worth of 'in the box' gold coins
in there.

On meeting him coming out of that room, I noticed that he acted peculiar, so I followed him around and even accompanied him by holding the light while he went up into the attic. I had a forewarning, but completely forgot about the coins and gun being in there. One has the tendency to be careless with personal possessions when at home and feeling safe.

Well, you know the rest of the story. Months later I went looking for the coins and they were nowhere to be found, and more months later I went hunting for the gun for an RV trip and it was nowhere to be found. The ONLY person that had access to that room was my 'efficient' security repair creep. He did this work on the side from his regular job, that's why he showed up late. He appeared to be a clean cut educated individual and one would never have suspected him to be a low-life thief. Goes to show that not all clean- cut people are 'clean'.

Sure, I have his name... his company went out of business right after this event, a common occurrence in the security trade. Sure, I reported it to the police in due time.. But, how would I prove it after so much time went by? I know he stole the items, but too much time elapsed before I was aware of the loss. At least the police have all the gun's numbers, so if it shows up anywhere they can trace it back to me. Luckily, I had kept the box it came in which had all the identifying numbers on it, otherwise I would have had to trace the numbers back through the registry of gun buyers, wherever that is. As to the coins, I neglected to mark their identifying numbers (Collector's coins: Gauden Walking Lady, etc.)
and I have no way of tracing them if he sells them as collector's.

So, as a word to the wise... Keep your valuables in a safe and hidden place all the time. Never leave them out in the open, no matter how safe and
secluded you think you may be. Low-life Greasy fingers are just waiting to put their ownership on your possessions.

SGT Rock
2007-10-24, 16:12
Good luck on that. A friend of mine rot his gun returned something like 10 years after it was stolen when it was finally found in another crime.

2007-10-24, 20:02
I'm in New York and have always thought that if I lost possession of my SIG - for any reason at all - that they'd take my carry permit away.

2007-10-25, 13:59
I have a high dollar 1911 that will be sold soon, it'll buy two Glocks, so if some dirtbag steals one, I'll still have the other. I'm sorry for your loss, that really hurts.

2007-10-25, 18:36
Good thing you reported it missing. If it HAD been used in a crime and you didn't likely you may have ended up being the suspect and having the man rooting thru your posessions:ahhhhh:

2007-10-25, 19:08
I have a high dollar 1911 that will be sold soon, it'll buy two Glocks...
...just two? hardly worth it :biggrin: