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2007-10-31, 20:00
Thought these pic's taken on a hike in NZ's South Island might be of interest. Taken on a four day hike. Up Young valley, over a pass and back along Wilkin valley.
Not long after I did this, there has been a bit of an avalanche damming the river in the Young valley. It impounded a lake measuring about 2km (1.25 miles) long and 500metres (547 yards) wide. It is about 60 metres (65 yards) deep and contains about 26 million cubic metres of water. The rising lake has since overtopped the debris dam and water is draining away through a natural channel. The area in the valley below it is a bit dodgey now, in case the dam suddenly gives up. Hiker's advised to haul waterwings. ;)
These pic's were taken before the landslide, so my hike wasn't a surf trip! :)

Day one, camped in the Young valley. Tent to left of pic. A bit more water in this valley now!

Day two, bit of elevation. Nearing head of valley. Tent in foreground

Day three. Heading for the pass

Day three. Top of Gillespie pass (at last! My pack seems to get heavier as I get older - any of you guys notice that?) Unfortunately views blocked by low cloud/mist

Day three. Descending from the pass

Descending further. Head of Wilkin river down in valley

Day four. heading back out along Wilkin valley. Looking back.

Day four. Last day before crossing river to access road. Remains of old wagon.

Cheers, George.

2007-10-31, 20:16
Beautiful landscape Geo. I think I'd like to visit there one day.

2007-10-31, 20:26
Beautiful,....I keep expecting to see a hobit or a wizard pop out as I was scrolling down threw the pictures. Right out of a fantasy...

2007-11-01, 17:48
Pure magic, makes me long to be there, each one. SS :captain:

2007-11-02, 02:07
Beautiful,....I keep expecting to see a hobit or a wizard pop out as I was scrolling down threw the pictures. Right out of a fantasy...

Yeah, There's some nice looking country down here. Haven't spotted a hobbit yet though ;) A lot of that Lord of the Rings movie stuff was shot around areas not too far from where I'm living. Weather's improving, so I'll be heading out for another few days sometime this month.

2007-11-05, 17:56
beautiful stuff!:adore:

Survivor Dave
2007-11-05, 23:44
Very nice pics!

2007-11-14, 20:53
beautiful places Geo!

2007-11-14, 22:13
Awesome. Those pics sure lend credence to the claim that NZ is the most beautiful place on the planet.

Half Step