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SGT Rock
2003-01-17, 21:16
Bear Bag - a bag a hiker carries to put their food in. The bear bag is suspended from a tree branch at night in order to keep bears from getting into it. Sometimes they are made from space age Kevelar fabric in order to make it harder for bears to rip into if they can get them down.

2003-01-17, 23:01
Please use caution when hanging your bear bag/food bag. One or more of the following could happen:

1. Rock hits YOU in the head.
2. Rock hits your PARTNER in the head.
3. Rock hits the animal that is waiting for you to leave so it can take your food. Gets angry, eats you instead.
4. Rope somehow gets tangled around your feet right before you throw the rock up. You end up hanging upside down by your ankles, swinging back and forth to the ammusment of your fellow campers.

Now, if you are successful in properly hanging your bear bag, these are some things you can expect to happen:

1. Nothing. You hung it successfully, remember?
2. Rope brakes.
3. Rope brakes due to animals help. (see #3 above)
4. At midnight, when you are firmly in dreamland something wakes you up. It was a loud crahing noise coming from the direction of where your food is securely hung at the prescribed height. You hear more crashing. :eek: OH MY! #$%^&! It's a bear! It's gotta be a bear! That's the only thing that can make that much noise. AND IT'S GOING AFTER YOURS AND YOUR TWO PARTNERS FOOD BAGS!

If you are brave enough, you a) you grab for your flashlight and maybe even turn it on. If you are even braver, b) Unzip your tent and maybe even point your flash light in the direction of your food bag. If you are still so confused about what is going on and forget all about the brave, rashness of your actions you c) get out of your tent. It is then that you realize that the tree which you hung your food is now laying on the ground. Not just a branch, not just a few branches, but the whole dang tree!

You spend the next 30 minutes trying to rescue your food bags from under the tree, because you remember seeing that pesky bear's back side going over the ridgeline only a few hours before. You then spend another half hour in the dark looking for another suitable (you hope!) tree for rehanging. You then spen another half hour trying to throw your rope over the new branch, only to get feed up with it all and go back to to your tent, leaving your food for whatever critters wants to go for it.

The Moral - Don't hang more than two food bags from the same tree branch. It could bring the whole tree down.

(#4 actually happened to me. I'm not joking.)

2003-01-18, 04:01
keep it up, ilove it. really!

2003-01-19, 19:41
I can testify to being hit with a rock. one evening i was out hanging our groups bags by myself, found what seemed to be a pretty suitble tree, although the branch was a little high, so i tried a few times to get the rock over, each time almost making it over. then finally it made it over and got tangled, so what did i do? pulled on the rope, what did the rock do? used the branch like a catapult and flung itself at my skull. what happend next? because of the strain on the branch it broke and also came crashing down on me. the moral of the story is that the higher branches in trees dont like people, stay away from them.

Buddha Bear
2003-02-02, 09:59
A camp game in which contestants attempt to hoist a heavy container of food onto a fragile tree limb. The winner must place the bag a sufficient distance from both the trunk of the tree and the ground.

SGT Rock
2003-02-02, 11:36
Y'all should also go see the entry for pinata.

Lone Wolf
2003-02-02, 11:46
A camp game I never play. I sit back and watch, laughing my ass off eating out of my food bag which I always keep in my tent.

2005-08-02, 17:21
also see "hammock"

2005-08-03, 17:08
maybe this belongs under 'there i was', but it's a funny story about camping with kids...

one of the first times out in the woods with my daughter 'real camping' (not car camping, when you can put the food in the trunk), i was showing her how to bear bag for the first time. i explained what i was trying to do, and why. then i just sort of handed her the end of the rope, tied the other end to a stick (easier and safer than a rock), and threw it perfectly, right through a fork 25' up, first shot... very impressive... until i saw the end of the rope continue over the branch as well. i looked down at her and asked, somewhat exasperated and surprised, 'why weren't you holding onto it?' with childlike simplicity, a complete lack of shame, and not understanding what i had been explaining (i know. my fault. she was just a little girl), she said angrily 'you didn't TELL me i was supposed to hold it THAT tight. i didn't know that was going to happen!'... just a cute moment. took me about another 10 minutes to get the darned thing over the branch again, which made the previous ordeal even funnier. in hindsight.

gotta love kids.