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2007-11-04, 08:25
Hey all. I dont know why I havent shared this earlier. I read this before my attempted thru.


It's an awesome account of thruing the AT back in '83. Easy reading as George is a pretty good writer.

2007-11-07, 02:46
Read the first chapter last night.
It's a good read.
Probably do Chap. 2 and possibly 3 tonight.
So far all I can say is OWWW!
He really needs to learn how to care for his feet better.

2007-11-07, 20:41
Did you look at the pics of him back in '83? Any '07 ULhiker would have a heart attack.

2007-11-07, 20:48
I started reading 3 days ago. Not to give anything away, in chapter 9 His feet are sill giving Him hell. For some he might be boring but this is the most reading I've done of any AT log. Speaking for this pack sniffer ( myself). I'm lik'en the read enough to get this far. SS :captain:

2007-11-09, 03:53
This is an awesome journal. I read it several years back when I was going through a really bad time---my various ills hadn't been diagnosed and treated yet---and reading about George's problems before, on, and after his hike was one of the biggest things that helped me make it through.

Not to mention the book is well written and entertaining.

If you haven't read "Then the Hail Came," you're missing a real treat.

Half Step

2007-11-09, 07:28
Thanks for the link - printing it all as we type!

SGT Rock
2007-11-11, 09:49
He was a good journalist. I hope I can be as interesting. Another good one is Dances with Marmonts - although you have to get his in a book.

2007-11-11, 09:56
What's a book?

SGT Rock
2007-11-11, 10:02
It is this thing you use as fire starter. Sometimes there are words in there.

2008-02-17, 02:02
I read quite a bit of this and then got busy with other things.
Thought about it occasionally, but either it was when I wasn't near a computer or I didn't have the time.
Ended up pretty much forgetting about it.

Wish I could get it in a hard copy** (without doing it the hard way).

Going to give it another try.
I was enjoying it last time.

**hard copy: book, pamphlet, words on paper
(hard copy used for Amigi)