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2007-11-04, 23:38
We've had 3 maulings in about as many weeks here (Montana).

The first was a pheasant hunter, he got pretty beat up but after his time in the hospital he is supposed to be fine.

The second was a tourist don't know much about him except he was mauled and they said it was a grizzly.

The latest was a deer hunter. They don't know for sure if it was a grizzly, but it only swatted him once which crushed the bones in one side of his face, and removed an eye. After that the bear left.

I'm not saying a black bear couldn't do this, but usually black bear maulings involve more than one swat, some biting, and they usually don't swat hard enough to do that much with one hit.

The hunter hiked out and got help. He's in the hospital now.

Seems this was a good year for producing new grizzlies but a bad fall for having enough food up in the mountains (summer was to hot). The bear are coming down looking for enough food to tide them over through their hibernation.

I don't know what happened to the grizzly that attacked the tourist, and I haven't heard anything about them finding the bear who got the deer hunter. But I did read what they did with the grizzly that attacked the pheasant hunter.

They trapped and relocated it!

What kind of fuzzy headed "enviro" thinking is this? I support the old school of thought - If it attacks a human put it down. This trains the remaining population to fear humans and leave them alone.

--I do know this "training" might not really effect the attitude of the remaining bear but it does eliminate an animal that has already shown a tendency to attack humans and removes him from the gene pool.

In the short run it could save the next person it comes across and in the very long run the next generations of bear might be slightly less irritable.

I started out to say that those of you in bear country, should carry your bear spray and be careful until the weather cools and the bears den up, but I ended up in a rant.
Oh well...

2007-11-05, 01:36
What kind of fuzzy headed "enviro" thinking is this? I support the old school of thought - If it attacks a human put it down. This trains the remaining population to fear humans and leave them alone.

Dropkick, I'm with you 100% on this one. Any potential dangerous animal that attacks a human and escapes unscathed will only become bolder and more deadly with each encounter. That animal must be destroyed. I can make _some_ exceptions for special circumstances, ie. hunter suprises grizzly sow with cubs and sow swats hunter and runs, or some doofus is feeding a bear and gets bit, etc. But even in these cases we're taking the risk that the animal involved learned some bad habits from that encounter.

2007-11-05, 10:30
If traveling in bear country, I laugh at the people looking at bear spray and ask for another box of 460 S&W. If the bear attacks me I'll definately be its last meal.

2007-11-07, 02:00
Read of 2 more grizzly attacks today in the paper. Both of them ended badly for the bears as they charged hunters who had already seen them and had their rifles ready.

P.S. Lying about a bear charging just to shoot it is a bad idea around here. The game wardens always (or nearly always) go to the area where it happened and see if the account and the sign tally up. People have been caught by this before (big fines, possible jail). Leaving the dead bear without reporting it is even worse, they continue to look for you for years, and they look hard. Especially if they took trophies.

2007-11-10, 09:11
All the more reason to perforate the bear, and then walk away. You do not need to share this information with a wildlife team hell bent on enforcing some law, when they weren't "there". Sometimes "less is more", and sharing this info is one of those times.

2007-11-10, 18:50
I for one am not about to go coax a grizzly attack! I just want to be prepared for one. And like Iceman said who needs to know besides you that you just walked a way from a duel with death to be arrested or harrassed that you baited the bear into it. If I want to hunt bears we have a season for that and I sit in a tree. by the way they do climb I had a friend who was in his treestand during deer season about 50 yds from me and I see him waving his arms pointing down going what do I do there was a black bear climbing his tree. I go "HEY BEAR!" and it took off, we both laughed a bout it later. I was prepared to shoot at the bear if that didn't work but I don't think my friend would have liked that. We don't have grizzlies here, but the black bears are pretty easily detered here. Some one once told me to play dead if its a grizzly but if you do that with a black bear you soon will be. I prefer to be pretty lively when I see an animal that could eat me. I would rather give it a handful of things it can eat that sure won't agree with it!