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2007-11-05, 18:38
Got out for my first decent hike since July 1st weekend. Actually two hikes in one day.

Irving Nature Trail - 8km
What made this noteworthy was that it was on the tail end of Tropical Storm Noel, with my 8 year old hiking partner, and we started before dawn. We hit Tim Horton's at 6:50 ADT, only to find it was closed, and 5:50 AST. Not to worry, Tim Horton's on the west side was open when we got there, so we filled up out Nalgene bottle with 1 litre of tea with extra milk and sugar, and the sun would still come up when we expected it would.

When we drove across the bar to Irving Nature Park the wind was howling some and the surf was up, but we were on the easy side of the storm and the wind direction was such that wind and surf was not anything like what Nova Scotia received. It was still pretty exciting starting before dawn, and when we go 1.5km into our hike we really got blasted on top of this exposed hill so we dashed the 100m or so for were the where there trail re-enters the woods. At 3km we stopped to look out over the bay and we added a few more layers and stopped for tea. The rest of the hike went pretty smooth and so we doddled and played and finished the trail at 9am just as others were starting. Margaret was a little skeered at times, but I told her it was the same woods in the dark as during the day, and we made up a song about the wind and the rain and she finished the hike very pleased with herself. She is actually very confident, just less experienced, and more willing to express herself.

Fundy Trail Parkway - 21km round trip.
Later that afternoon I drove out to the Fundy Trail Parkway to hike that while Margaret went up country with her cousins. I hiked the 10.5km to Big Salmon River at a fairly good pace and crossed the suspension foot bridge and took a swim in the Big Salmon River. The River was running pretty hard from the rain, and was pretty cold, but I managed to get myself all the way in twice. I was amazed how quickly I warmed up and dried off even though the sun was not directly on me because of the valley. I turned into a very nice day, about 50F I would say. I hiked in just a medium sweater and hiking shorts and wool socks, and rarely needed to add the wind layer or my hat. I was a bit stiff when I got back to the car, but it was a good hike, a beautiful sunny afternoon with lots of white caps on the Bay of Fundy, and the swim was very invigourating. I am currently a bit heavy at 220#, but my pack only weighed 10 pounds, and so I was able to keep a strong pace at about 6km/hr, jogging a bit downhills and not slowing down too much on uphills. My pack really didn't need to weigh that much as I never even stopped to make tea, but I was testing out my new 10oz daypack, by Patagonia, so I added a wool blanket and rain ponch and stuff. I intended to make a front-pack out of it but I think I will keep it more or less intact as a daypack.

Dad and Margaret's Wind and Rain Song.

Oh Mr. Wind - Oh Mr. Wind
You're such a pain - You such a pain.
I sure am glad - I sure am glad.
There ain't much rain. There ain't much rain.
Oh Mr. Wind you such a pain.
I sure am glad there ain't much rain.

Oh Mr. Wind - Oh Mr. Wind
You sure can blow - You sure can blow.
I sure am glad - I sure am glad.
There ain't no snow. There ain't no snow.
Oh Mr. Wind you sure can blow.
I sure am glad there ain't no snow.

Oh Mr. Wind - Oh Mr. Wind
You're still my friend - You're still my friend.
Even though you'll blow - Even though you'll blow.
Until the end - Until the end.
Oh Mr. Wind you're still my friend.
Even though you'll blow and rain (or sleet or snow)
And blow and sleet ( and maybe hail )
And blow and blow until the end.

(various other versus and refrains, depending on the weather)

Good to be getting out again.

2007-11-05, 21:49
Glad to see your posting, JAK. I have noticed you haven't posted much lately. It is a joy to read about your adventures with your hiking partner. Only in a positive way, I'm envious. Speaking for myself , I enjoy your inputs. SS :captain:

2007-11-11, 11:41

Here is the link to the trail:

Margaret and I did the trail together yesterday, minus the swim. It was right around freezing and a Nor'easter was setting in, but not a big'n. She did get some practice in with here bow and arrow, and I got to try out my new pack. When stopped and played on Melvin Beach on the way, so I did wade across Fuller Brook in my bare feets to get to the beach, and back. When we got to Big Salmon River she did some more shooting while I fired up the Kelly Kettle and made hot chocolate, then we high tailed it back. We got some snow out of the Nor'easter, so I guess our poem from the week before was a bit prophetic.

I picked up a JAM2 backpack when I was in Syracuse a few weeks back. It was the first time I got to actually see and try on an Ultrlight pack, so I forked over the $100. I'm pretty happy with it. I stuffed a rolled up 72"x28"x3/8" pad in first, then food, kelly kettle, wool blanket, rain poncho/tarp, spare clothes, other stuff inside of that. So it stuck up just over my head but it was pretty comfortable despite being semi-rigid. The single pocket on the back was handy for the clothes that needed to be handy, like my wind shirt, wool gloves, wool hat, and her rain jacket and pants and extra sweater. I'm still carrying everything for her but keeping her handy. She weighs 47#, so even a napsack would drag her down. I figure I get better mileage out of her this way. She did about 21k, no complaints, though was faster on the way home than the way in. She spotted a Red Fox, a good sized male I think, that stopped on the road to look at us, and then trotted off and stopped to look at us again, before heading off to do whatever it was to be doing before it got dark, or after dark I suppose would be more likely. She was pretty pleased to spot the fox. All tolled we saw 3 people and a dog, two flocks of birds, and the fox, but otherwise it was pretty quiet with the coming Nor'easter. It did feel like getting home weather. Perhaps that was I was faster on the going and she was faster on the return. She seems to have much more common sense than I, but still an adventurous spirit. She does carry a whistle/compass/thermometer combo, and discovered it also has a magnifying glass. I will have to teach her how to use that if we ever get more sun. Anyhow, I didn't have enough weight or volume to really test the JAM2, so I guess I will do that later. Light snow on the ground here today, so next trip might be winter camping, perhaps after the deer hunting season is over. Hope you are all having happy hikes where-ever you are.