View Full Version : Therm-a-Rest LE Camp Rest

2003-01-08, 10:07
Oh my is this comfortable. I may just have to bite the bullet and carry it with me. I hate when I say 3lb 7oz though. The length and width are perfect, I could go with a 1.5" thick pad though. I may swap it for the 2lb 12oz Performance Camp Lite. I'm going to spend another couple nights on this one though :D

2003-01-08, 15:35
I have the Thermarest LE mattress. It's very comfortable. It's not light---2 lbs, 5 oz. But, it's more than a pound lighter than the Camp Series. I am certainly tempted to carry this as my luxury item if I try the thru-hike.

2003-01-08, 16:27
Ditto on the LE, it's my luxury item. I've tried them all, and it gives me the best nights sleep.

Uncle Wayne
2003-01-21, 08:37
I've quit thinking about the weight on this item because it's value "outweighs" the weight. Does that makes sense? I never go backpacking without it. If you can sleep well without it then there are other alternatives. I can't so I don't. YMMV.

Pencil Pusher
2004-07-25, 04:54
I have the Thermarest LE too. I just use it for winter or snow camping. Another pro-deal from Campmor. I look at the price now and aye carumba! Definitely nice and comfy though.

young marine
2004-08-19, 09:09
hey i have found a therma rest that inflates itself and and only lays down to your knees. very light and super comfortable