View Full Version : Bear Bagging

SGT Rock
2003-01-17, 21:25
Bear Bagging - a term used to describe the act of hanging a food bag in order to protect it from a bear. There are many different strategies to bear bag, but most hickers do it poorly.

A bear bagging generally involves tying a string to a rock, throwing the rock over a branch that is over 10 feet from the ground, then connecting a bear bag/food bag to the string and hoisting it off the ground at least 10 feet up.

The limb for the bear bag should be too thin for a bear to climb out on, and the bag should be far enough out on the limb so that the bear cannot swat it from the trunk. The branch must also not be dead so that the bear could simply break it with their weight.

After hoisting the bag, there are a variety of strategies to keep the bag up in the air. some will tie a counterballance to the other end of the string so that bothe ends are up 10 feet in the air and a pole is used to retrive them. Some simply tie off the string to a nearby tree. Some make a dual tie off system where both ends are tied out and the bag is in the middle so that if the bear finds and breaks one, the other will keep it in the air.

Generally hickers make a mistake of having the bag too close to the ground or too close to the trunk of the tree. See pinata.