View Full Version : Hiking in Northern Tuscany, Italy

2007-11-14, 20:41
Hey guys, have a look at these pics, taken during a hike in Tuscany, Italy

The best part was a lake up there but my batteries were "tired" :D...anyway it was foggy do the photos probably wouldn't have been so good

anyway, here are some photos from the valley when the weather was still good

http://www.imagebullet.com/t/thumb_8BO9nNfMvFaW.jpg (http://www.imagebullet.com/display.php?image=8BO9nNfMvFaW)http://www.imagebullet.com/t/thumb_FKPmL9R3Gh62.jpg (http://www.imagebullet.com/display.php?image=FKPmL9R3Gh62)http://www.imagebullet.com/t/thumb_Ax8Hr6RXXw7a.jpg (http://www.imagebullet.com/display.php?image=Ax8Hr6RXXw7a)http://www.imagebullet.com/t/thumb_PkEueUD32EJS.jpg (http://www.imagebullet.com/display.php?image=PkEueUD32EJS)

that place was amazing, the valley was REALLY wide and open and there were literally tens of cows around

2007-11-14, 21:46
Cool! Thanks for post'in the pic's. SS :captain: