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2007-11-19, 22:50
I just happened to wear my hiking shoes which are Wal-Mart high top boots (they fit and feel good though) to work today. Which is out of place cause I work in a downtown store on main street. The building looks a lot like Mast General store in Boone....well anyway...I was sitting in the floor and both my feet went to sleep but I didn't realize it until I stood up. Both of my feet just layed over sideways (I forgot I could even do that). I was just standing there on the sides of my feet for a second or two. To make a long story short...My feet are fine and my ankles are fine and I'm not even sore! Which is great cause I like to hike a little and I'm a bit overweight (not bad) so I could have really gotten hurt badly. I'm amazed and thankful for my feet and ankles tonight. I even went for a walk this evening. God looks after children and fools.
.......................................I'm 41 so I guess I know which of those I am!
Anybody wants to add a thanksgiving to this is welcome to do so obviously.

SGT Rock
2007-11-20, 06:55
Happy Thanksgiving back at you. Getting ready to head down to Alabama tomorrow.

2007-11-22, 00:53
Happy Thanksgiving to all i made this video for all hikers campers etc.Just so you all can have night [meares] cant seam to get this word right

http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/stoves%202/th_me1.jpg (http://s33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/stoves%202/?action=view&current=me1.flv)

2007-11-22, 01:53
Happy Turkey Day all you turkeys! Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Have a Great Day and may you all share it with your loved ones. I am thankful I can spend this day with all my loved ones and they are all safe and sound! To all of you that have loved ones abroad my prayers are with both you and them...May they all come home soon with God's speed, safe and sound! May we all find peace on this day! Peace for all in the future! AMEN!

2007-11-22, 22:21
It's VERY easy to take for granted the people and things that are important.