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2007-11-28, 18:08
I've just gotta get one of these! ;)



2007-11-28, 22:31
Those are some fearless muldoons, man! I thought "ordinary" BASE jumpers were nuts!

2007-11-29, 17:45
Good club name "the flying squirrels" lol. good video!

2007-11-29, 18:21
Seen these guys on t.v.
One of those "sports that will probably kill you" shows.

Think they used the suits in one of the Bond movies too (though not like that) I think he just used it to stealthily approach some bad guys lair.
and wait - what's her name - the video game/movie - adopts kids - w/ Brad Pitt
---Angelina Jolie! Lara!
Tomb Raider 2 - they used the suits in that movie too, I think they were fairly daring with them in that movie. been to long since I saw it though.

.. I remembered Pitt because he has

2007-11-30, 19:05
What I missed everything you said before and after Angelina Jolie? Kind of got side tracked there! LOL!

2007-11-30, 19:42
That's not flying! That's falling!

...with style.

2007-11-30, 20:17
Good Golly! I've Body Surfed in water. That's like, Air Surfing !! Man, without propulsion, there is little room for error. The back pack is a chute. Must cover some distances, from starting point to landings. I wonder how many "runs" they can get in a day. Gotta be one Hell of a rush! They've got to remake the movie " The Sound of Music" and use them for the getaway ending. SS :captain:

2007-12-02, 00:30
Know if only they could sail from one peak to the next then they could do some serious milage in a day!

2007-12-02, 20:00
Hre's a slightly better, but heavier setup. With this one, you can actually gain altitude.

I wonder if it will get me to Europe? :biggrin: