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2007-11-29, 18:52
Got back a few days ago from a couple of nights in a spot I sometimes frequent nearby.
Not many go there except the odd hunter - there are deer, pigs and wild sheep.
Thought pic's though nothing special, may be of interest.
Trip took me down into a valley and following in and out of a creek for several miles then looking for a spur ridge to ascend to a main ridge that eventually leads to a gully off the ridge where a small hunter's hut is hidden.
In true "Wrong Way" Spearing fashion, after ascending the spur ridge to the main ridge I somehow turned left along the ridge instead of right - how I did this totally baffles me, as I took time to read my map, take bearings and ensure I had indeed reached the top of the main ridge. (bush clad)
I definitely knew my destination lay to the right along the ridge and I swear I turned right. BUT after about a mile of travel along the ridge a break in the bush displayed a river way down in the valley to my left - this shook the brain cells awake. I realised that the river should have been on my right. Total confusion, as I was certain I'd initially turned in the correct direction.
The truth of course was that somehow I had not, and so I successfully added an extra hour and a half of rugged terrain to my day. After 8 hrs of lugging a loaded pack up and down ridges (I always carry tent etc) I was happy to eventually reach my intended target of the hut which has rainwater run off from its roof. (no water up on the ridges)
A sobering demonstration of how easy it is to get disoriented even in areas that you 'know' if you don't maintain concentration. (especially if you're Wrong Way Spearing The Only Man To Get Lost On A Ridge) :hmmmm2:
Anyhow, here's some pics....

Initial route passed through forests of lancewoods - acres of them, from a couple of inches to metres high.

Close up of a lancewood. Grows to about 20ft and then changes it shape entirely to a more conventional looking tree. Theory was it evolved that way as protection from grazing moas (an extinct ostrich sized bird)

Dropping down to creek in valley

Open spot along creek - pool, small waterfall

Some bush vine flowers

Looking back at spur ridge ascended from creek which lies further down to right off pic

On main ridge

Looking back along main ridge

Hope those were of interest.
Cheers, George.

2007-11-29, 21:58
Great pics!

2007-11-29, 22:56
Beautiful scenery! I'm envious. Sounds as if you hiked solo. I like that as well.
Thanks for sharing.

2007-11-30, 10:48
Thanks for taking the time post the pic's Geo. SS :captain:

2007-11-30, 18:43
Great pics!

2007-11-30, 20:18
George, you always take great pics. Damn you, I'm jealous.:beer: