View Full Version : Jimtanker - shooting iron?

SGT Rock
2007-12-30, 10:43
Hey Jimtanker - I was looking at your slideshow and noticed your pistol. Looks nice, what is it? It looks sort of like an M1911 but not quite. And is that a POW or something someone "loaned" you in ASSCrackistan?


2007-12-30, 12:53
Looks like the OD version from Springfield Arms, Nice Pistol!

2008-01-01, 14:05
Caspian Arms M1911A2 "borrowed" from 7th Group.

Good eye!!

SGT Rock
2008-01-01, 14:19
Very cool. I'de like to "borrow" one of those.

2008-01-08, 18:59
I had to get to the armoury at 5am to book out a pistol. Really didnt want to have to carry mr rifle around (SA80s are heavy!) as well as my heavy toolbox and various spares.

Got plenty of funny looks as pistol holsters on junior NCOs are almst unheard of in the British Army, let alone Sergeants and Junior/middling officers.

My exasperted troop commander once complained to me as he found Id already booked out the loan pistol for our troop the umpteenth time and beat him to it, meaning he'd have to lug his rifle around again. I simply replied "Sir, youd not have this problem if you could drag your lazy arse out of bed at a sensible hour of the morning."

2008-01-09, 00:59
Had a friend who was a cook in the National Guard.
His unit was on maneuvers and he had a day off from the kitchen.
He was sitting in a lawn chair watching the activities going on around him when a chemical weapons drill started.
As he knew it wasn't real, didn't have any of the gear needed and also as it was his day off he continued to sit in his chair and watch as people scrambled around putting on masks and mop suits.
He was still sitting there when an officer noticed him.
The officer came over and said "Sergeant why don't you have your gas mask on?"
My friend replied "Because it's my day off and I don't have one sir."
The officer said "What would you do if this was a real attack?"
My friend replied "I'm a cook sir, I'd take one of my knives, cut the throat of an officer and take his."
The officer looked at him, shook his head and then walked away.