View Full Version : want to trade gears?

2008-01-03, 03:49
hello, we are spammers that actually opened up a gear related domain name so we could spam here. If you are a dumbass and want to fall for this trick please go over to our site: www.geartrades.com (http://www.geartrades.com):angel:

But we are going to try and sell you stock or something stupid. No gear is actually ever involved. We thought you were all stupid enough to fall for it.:aetsch:

Cause our momma's raised us wrong.:bath:

2008-01-03, 05:29
Another magical first post...

2008-01-03, 10:13
Nope It's A Spammer!

SGT Rock
2008-01-03, 11:00
Man, and I almost fell for it.

2008-01-03, 11:01
I was gonna see what they'd trade for an Ion ;)

2008-01-03, 16:44
I was gonna see what they'd trade for an Ion ;)
Got plenty of those do ya, Dixi?:hahaha: :laugh: :rofl:

2008-01-03, 22:04
I can only imagine the spam any forum must deal with, like this. I applaud your unique way of dealing with it Sgt. I was going to post on it but chose not to, after I typed it up.. Part of my post stated something like " ..it will be a cold day in Hell, this guy gets any money from me... ". Now, I return and see that the original post has been beaten into shape, beaten by the Rock. I share in your pleasure I have seen a full measure of your style. Bravo. SS

2008-01-03, 22:33
Got plenty of those do ya, Dixi?:hahaha: :laugh: :rofl:

Ohhh maybe just a few... ;) :angel:

2008-01-04, 22:49
Oh! We got ourselves a spammer. I really fell for this one. I wanted to have traded with him.:bootyshak

2008-01-04, 23:37
Rubble Double did you just Spam in a Spam Post? Are you freakn' Kiddn' Me!

2008-01-06, 20:02
Interestingly enough, both the OP and rubble used the term "gears".
I know that making a blanket statement about the spelling of words on an international medium such as the WWW is wrong, but what are the odds?