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2008-01-03, 21:45
Hi there, the name is Rob, aka Bish777.

Took the plunge and invested in a hammock and tarp outfit after getting fed up of a sore back when out camping. Dont do too much running up and down hills these days but love to get out and about on the motorbike.

Got into the outdoors thing young as I am from a rural area and continued with it in my time with the (British) Army.

I'm from Bristol, United Kingdom which has a depressing lack of local forests but that only encourages me to range further afield which is a blessing of sorts!

2008-01-03, 22:16
Glad to have you aboard the swinging crowd Rob! You might want to check out the rest of us hanging around at www.hammockforums.net

SGT Rock
2008-01-03, 22:30
Yep, Hammock Forums has it going on. I think you would like it.

2008-01-03, 22:36
Welcome to the HQ Rob. Nice to have another hammock hanger on the site here too. :)

2008-01-05, 11:42
I think First Sergeant is equivalent to Company Sergeant Major in the British Army i believe?

I attained the heady heights of Corporal myself.