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2008-01-13, 13:15
I am trying to decide on which pack to use on my upcomming pct hike-a Molle II or my old Mod. Alice Pack (a lg Alice pack w/ a few added features that I had done to it while I was in the Marines-Molle (1st nor 2nd gen) wasnt issued yet so I dont know much about it). I can stuff all my gear in the molle pack, w/ plenty of room to spare (over 6000 cubic inches at 8lbs or so pounds) and I like the hardpoint were I can change pouches around. The question I have is were dose the hydration system go. I seen systems that are molle compatiable on the net and order a 2007 Camelbak Storm, but I cannt find any info on were it is placed on the pack. I am leaning on using this pack for my hike because I like the feel (w/ test weight of 50lbs) and the amout of stuff I can carry and still have room. Also is there any known issues that I should be aware of (blow outs, frame issue ect) or any mod's to fix known issues. It is a Molle II (NSN 8465-01-465-2289) woodland camo made by Specialty Defense Systems with a sleep system carrier.

Thanks for ur time, boviine

SGT Rock
2008-01-15, 23:13
I vote old ALICE but that is me.