View Full Version : eureka backpack's and mod's?

2008-01-13, 22:08
am i the only person in the world using a eureka backpack? i know it's just a bag i found at dick's sporting goods in albany, but it's comfortable, not too heavy, and has nice pockets and a good pack cover built in.

was wondering if anyone uses or has used a eureka and what their opinion was, also does anyone have any mod ideas for a getaway 3900?

2008-01-14, 07:55
Years ago, I worked hunting and Camping at Dicks This was before they became a huge national retailer. We had a very good arrangement with Johnson Worldwide (Makers of Camp Trails & Eureka) over time though the relationship drifted apart. I lived near the Eureka factory outlet and since 1972 have used Camp trails and Eureka products with no worries or issues.
I think they are on par with Kelty in both quality and pricing. Working at Dick's also let me try a lot of products on pro-deals at very steep discounts.

I have owned several Eureka BPS including a Vectra, and another external (Can't think of the model) . I have also owned at least 10 Eureka tents - Timberline, Timberlite, Summit, Rising sun, Gossamer, Apex, Sunrise, Zeus, to name a few. I usually sell them after a year or two and try a different tent.
As for Camp Trails, I have had the Externals Mckinley, Wilderness, Freighter Frame and lake Cruiser, and The internal frame Ranier and Catskill. I also owned some Jack Wolfskin products, but they have since relegated that brand back to European availability only

So, in a nutshell, I have had a lot of experience with the product and Johnson worldwide both selling gear and using gear. I wish Eureka would get back into the outdoor recreation and more aggressively promote their products. They have been focused more on military and commercial tents, awnings and marquis.
But I would not hesitate to buy and use their products again.

2008-01-16, 23:03
thanks for the info rick. does eureka still make and sell backpacks? it's hard to find their stuff in the stores anymore. i like my getaway 3900, but was looking for something a little better, mainly i don't like the fact that it doesn't have an extra bottom separation for a sleeping bag. right now i just use my compression bag and then put that in the pack. it works fine but it's a little extra unnecessary weight. of course i use the compression bag for a pillow at night, so i guess it's actually not extra weight.

2008-01-17, 07:53
I use the same pack. Bought it at Wallyworld. I took out the stays and cut some of the straps. Surprisingly light and holds all my gear. I agree that its a very comfortable pack. I did add a pocket on the belt and a water bottle holder.

2008-01-19, 20:46
They don;t make much anymore. Hee is the link to Eureka Outlet (http://www.eurekacampingctr.com/eureka/dept.asp?s_id=0&dept_name=EUREKA%21+BACKPACKS&dept_id=3031&WT.svl=deptnav1). Thye have a couple of backpacks listed (I think the Moose bag has the freighter frame, but might be Camp Trails.
Try calling them and see what they have in unsold stock:

Eureka Factory Outlet
625 Conklin Rd.
Binghamton, NY 13903
Phone: 607.779.2265
Toll Free: 1.888.6 EUREKA
Email: info@eurekacampingctr.com

For parts and repair information call 1.800.572.8822 or email camping@johnsonoutdoors.com.