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2008-01-17, 14:10
I have a request if anyone knows it - The screw at the top of this stove (It's the same as the Markill.) Came out while hiking, it's tiny and I never saw it fall out. Kovea doesn't reply. How do I get ahold of that screw?

SGT Rock
2008-01-17, 19:28
I've never seen the stove, BUT if you go to a good auto-parts place they usually have bins with all the really odd tiny and large bolts and screws.

2008-01-18, 01:07
I tried that and the hardware stores, also jeweler's stores. The screw is smaller in diameter than the standard eyeglass screw - and longer. In the link at the bottom, it is the tiny screw right on top - central to all the pot supports. (They used rivets everywhere else - should have found a way to use one there too.)

The piece of wire I bent to take it's place is craft wire (very small guage). I want another screw because the wire doesn't stay put on trail and gets in the way folding the stove.

I bet Kovea would reply if I could tell them what I want in Korean. Yet another reason to buy American.

The Markill is essentially the same stove (Their stoves might even be made by Kovea) - it's come down in price quite a lot, I don't know of any American firm manufacturing similar stoves.


As far as canister stoves go, its a great stove - hate to give it up for something so retro as a pocket rocket.

SGT Rock
2008-01-18, 09:31
That small? Wow. It doesn't look that small in the picture.

Have you thought about making the hole slightly bigger and then using a tapping kit to make threads for a more common screw?

2008-01-18, 18:18
That small? Wow. It doesn't look that small in the picture.

Have you thought about making the hole slightly bigger and then using a tapping kit to make threads for a more common screw?

Have you ever seen a tap and die set for machine thread the size of an eyeglass screw? I haven't. If I can't find an authentic part I will probably just JB weld a bit of high temp wire to the hole. Just wanted to see if anyone here knew where I could get the right part.

Thanks though.

2008-01-18, 18:24
Translate what you want to say using http://www1.worldlingo.com/en/products_services/worldlingo_translator.html and send a really detailed photo with what you want pointed out so an idiot could not miss it. Other option would be to try the markill manufacturer if you haven't already. Other option would be Fastenal it's an industrial supply store where a lot of production and manufacturing bussiness go to get the odd ball parts to fix there machines. I believe they are a national company I did a search they are heres there link http://www.fastenal.com/ If you have one locally or in your area go there they have books that you can look up exactly what you need and if they don't have it they will order it and tell you exactly when it will come in and they will give you a call to let you know it came in. Great company at least my local one is! Hope that helps. The Fastenal option maybe cheaper and more immediate than doing the translation thing. But if you can't find what your looking for you can try it and then bring the screw to them and they can order a bunch of spares for you so you'll have them.

2008-01-18, 23:42
These might be a stupid suggestion - I'd have to actually see the stove to know.

Anyway, have you looked into self tapping screws? I've used some when building electronics that were pretty small and fairly long.

Which brings up another place to look for a screw that fits: try electronics supply houses, some of the boxes use slim long screws. (If possible find an electronics supply house other than Radio Shack - they carry very little electronics building supplies anymore).

Other than that I'd go with the J B Weld.

2008-01-19, 00:29
Now that's a tip I haven't tried yet. Googling as we speak. (Or text as it were.)


2008-01-19, 00:43

See that tiny brass screw top dead center of the burner? It passes through a hole in each of the 3 titanium pot supports and into a brass hexagonal female standoff (looks like a nut with a hole in it from the top) Anyway - that screw is the culprit.

One thing regarding this stove. Kovea and Markill (Kovea distributor under another name) have ZERO support for issues with their stoves. They don't even respond to emails. (At least not ones sent to them in English, over the last 5 months time.) It's worth the extra cash to buy a comparable model from MSR - they support their gear.

2008-02-04, 01:48
One of the folk that reads here has emailed me and is sending me some aircraft screws that should work. Thanks for your suggestions and help!