View Full Version : Whiteblaze Down Again?

2008-02-04, 06:52
I just tried signing onto Whiteblaze and it seems to be down again, anyone else having the same problem?

2008-02-04, 07:01
it's back up!

2008-02-04, 15:55
It has glitches every now and then on me too lately. Not sure what the deal is. I need to talk to Attroll about that.

Wise Old Owl
2008-02-20, 03:31
Yes I noticed it too, strickly WB site, It just locks up for a short while then it comes back

Frolicking Dino
2008-02-20, 15:04
I have problems with WB timing out and going down as well. Server seems to have some problems

Frolicking Dino
2008-02-20, 20:24
Anybody else having problems with WB? 7:23 PM - Feb. 20

2008-02-20, 20:30
It's working just fine for me.