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2008-02-18, 00:34
Well I believe the original credit for this idea goes to Jimtanker, on a long ago post about people like ourselves, making videos for the hiking community.

I have started what I hope will become a long series of episodes of
trip reports, gear reviews and general 'hikers porn' - showcasing my
home turf of northern ontario, and places I like to hike, paddle and hammock in.

I have posted this first video over at hammockforums.net so for some this is a needless duplicate. But I realize there are many here that do not visit regularly over there.

You can watch episode 1, from my website directly at:

or if you prefer, directly from Youtube at:

Also looking for episode ideas, and general content ideas.
There is no commentary in episode 1, due to a defect in our DVR, but
we are making amends currently, and will have a more robust film format
in future episodes that includes gear reviews from the field, commentary and
hopefully some entertainment.

SGT Rock
2008-02-18, 09:00
That kicks ass. Thanks for sharing that - now my winter hike in a hammock doesn't seem so extreme.

2008-02-18, 18:33
Great vid, Turk,
Can't wait for one with audio.
Any compelling reason you chose shoes rather than skis? Not that there's anything wrong with snowshoes, mind you.

2008-02-26, 12:29
Considering it was the first try...Well Done Turk. Some audio would be nice, but the music was cool. Would like to see some longer shots of the rigs looked a lot better than mine.