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2008-02-18, 16:16
Hello to all of you hikers. as a green rookie my questions may give you a grin and that's okay with me. Your advice is welcome. What I'd like hear about is where to hike and why. My outdoor times up till now have been about hunting and fishing mostly in the west. Some time east (of Iowa) would be nice. If I went somewhere for a week or two what would be your favorites?

Just Plain Jim
2008-02-20, 16:05
If you have 2 weeks, hike the Shenandoah Nat'l. Park in late May or early June.It's about 107 miles of easy hiking. First check their website. There are 4 or 5 places to eat on the trail [carry less food] and plenty of shelters. There's also a couple of places that have showers and and washers.
I would consider this a great first hike.

2008-02-21, 06:43
Agree completely with JPJ.