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2003-01-18, 12:49
Maybe this is not trail related, but you can download John Denver - Country Road and my all time favorite emotional tune ..... Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) - Landslide.

Anyways I just found out about this site in the last couple days, maybe i'm alittle slow and most know about it, but I thought i'd let folks know about it, incase they didn't, so those with MP3 players can download tunes for their hike.


SGT Rock
2003-01-18, 13:33
I like kaZaA

2003-01-18, 16:08
Been down there also, the pickin's were slim compared to WinMx. It seemed most the musicians there picked cotton at one time or another.

don't get me wrong though, I only download music from raggedy, hagged out over weight rock stars. I sure wouldn't want to upset nor take a buck away from the uptight, under nourished, dope pushin' skelator rock stars of today that sing about shit I don't understand. Hell I could make a tune up like this and it would sell :

The screwdriver dislodged from the pocket of a lung in some universe, 600 years into the future. My socks are standing up and smiling at me. The newspaper I recieved today hasn't been printed yet. I try not to breath, for I don't want to be punished, for crawling under the sky to eat a dust bunny in the corner of the world.

Oh what a breathless hairy world

Oh what a breathless hairy world

Oh what a breathless hairy world

Superficial laxatives and carpet stains control the world.


See because im not a rock star im considered nutz. LOL