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2008-02-20, 18:08
Was sent these pic's that I thought would be of interest.
They were taken at Rainbow Bridge in the Donner Pass area where the nearby Pacific Crest Trail passes.
The bear was on the bridge when two passing vehicles scared it. So it jumped over the edge, managed to grab the structure underneath and pull itself up onto a ledge. It then did the sensible thing and took a nap until the cavalry arrived the following morning. :)




Nets were rigged, the bear was tranquilized and dropped into the net.




He happily wandered away after the affects of the tranquilizer wore off.

(Point of interest. Donner Pass was named after the Donner party of 81 immigrants who were heading west through the Sierra Nevada in 1846. They became snowbound and only 45 of the 81 survived - some of them resorting to eating members of the party as they died. Luckily for Yogi he didn't have to wait that long!) ;)

2008-02-21, 01:19
I've been across that bridge a couple of times.

Always thought it was kind of unfair.

An unprepared and badly led wagon train attempts a crossing too late in the season and get trapped by snow.
And because they resort to an unconventional meal plan they end up with both a pass named after them and a brass plaque at the top of the pass. Yet the hundreds (or more) wagon trains who put a bit more thought and planning into their journey didn't even get a mention.

-Though on the whole I'd rather have been in one of the unsung successful wagon trains.

2008-02-21, 01:33
Yup. Brings a whole new meaning to "Having friends for dinner"
(especially if they're serving donner kebabs) ;)

2008-02-23, 01:59
That's really funny; I've never seen any bears in that area though. I'm from Sacramento and I've probably driven across that bridge at least 30 times in my lifetime. I've dayhiked in that area many times also. I start at the I-80 PCT trailhead, hike east, cross the road near the bridge and circle around Mt. Judah and come back. It's one of my favorite day hikes. It's a pretty area, but it's sad to think of what the Donner Party went through down by the lake.

2008-02-23, 09:17
Tastes like Chicken!

Think how much money the state would have saved by calling a hunter to shoot the bear. Didn't fill your tag this season, there you go....

2008-02-24, 01:18
Actually it tastes like pork.

I'll let you imagine how I know that..............

2008-02-24, 06:01
Actually it tastes like pork.
I'll let you imagine how I know that..............

The maori here (who were once partial to a bit of two legged fresh meat) were known to call Europeans "long pork" so I guess you're right!
But I'll take your word on that Dropkick! :afraid:

2008-02-25, 00:01
Actually it tastes like pork.

I'll let you imagine how I know that..............

Not to me, I hate pork but I like black bear, though I've only eaten off of one bear, and I'm sure they vary in taste according to their diet. I've talked to Alaskans who say a young blackie that's been dining on blueberries all summer is a delicacy. Like pork, they can carry trichinosis, and need to be thoroughly cooked.

2008-02-25, 00:13
We were actually talking about a meat that's a little more rare at most tables than bear.
(look a few posts higher)