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2008-02-24, 09:59
okay so most of you use hammocks, but i don't (not comfortable for me)

however, i am interested in lowering my pack weight, and i've been thinking about buying a bivy tent. not quite as big as a tent, but not as claustrophobic as an actual bivy. i'm sure rock might have used one before, and i was wondering if any of you out there have used one hunting or hiking and like them. if so, do you have any suggestions?

thanks in advance.

2008-02-24, 11:18
Never used a bivy but if you are looking for a ground dwelling I would suggest this site http://www.tarptent.com/projects/tarpdesign.html

2008-02-24, 19:37
not sure if this is a little cramped for your needs, but the idea is fantastic. I used one of these for several years before this place introduced me to hammocks.

The alpha tent is basically a conversion of a large full body rain poncho into an ultralight tarp tent. While the website link shows it being used with a military rain poncho, you could easily adapt this idea for a customized sil-poncho and even make it bigger without any weight penalty over the pu coated military version.


I was thinking about making one of these again, using a large rain 1.1oz - sq/yd sil rain poncho.

2008-02-24, 22:55
This thing has a LOT of happy owners/users:


2008-02-25, 00:01
I used to use a bivy bag (not a tent).
Most of the time I used it in conjunction with a tarp, as there isn't any room for anything other than yourself inside the bivy.

While a bivy tent can be slightly larger than a bivy bag most that I've seen aren't much larger. Basically they're protection for your bag and yourself and that's all.

Most are also a pain to get in and out of.

Instead of a bivy I would recommend just using a tarp and a ground cloth. You'll have slightly less protection, but you'll have much more space to move around in, and be tremendously more comfortable.
You'll also have a more versatile shelter.

Ways to use a tarp as shelter (http://www.equipped.com/tarp-shelters.htm)