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2003-01-18, 21:42
The Ice Age Trail runs from the northeast peninsula down to the Wisconsin/Illinois border near Janesville, WI and then back up to the northwest corner of WI near Lake Superior and the MN border.

The finished trail will be 1000 miles long, with 55% (in 45 segments) of it complete now. The longest segment is 88 miles long.

The major feature of this trail is the natural landscape that was a direct effect of the glaciers during the Ice Ages.

2003-01-18, 22:08
I hiked part of the Kettle Moraine area, down near the Illinois border. Very open, rolling hills. The point of the trail is to hit as many geologically significant spots as possible, showing the effects of Glacial movement. Beware of trolls.

2003-01-25, 20:43
the ice age trail is practically in my backyard, an hours drive.

the problem with the trail now is that it is scattered with many road sections and areas were folks can't legally camp.

as Red said, the trail follows the glacier period and has big significance in our global climate and such.

To develop this trail to its full potential, people need to get involed.

The northern woods is were my days will end, theres is no more beautiful place than the northern woods and i've been going there for 35 years. Mountains are cool for a visit, but my home will be in northern Wisco or Minn on a lake, if I ever get the f uck out of Chicago.

2003-05-08, 12:01
The northern sections of the Ice Age Trail certainly get less use than those in the Kettle Moraine areas. The biggest problem with certain segments, since they are point to point, is spotting cars at each end, since the road connections can be more round about than the trail itself. Conditions should be pretty good here in the northwoods now that we got a little bit of rain the past few days to bring the fire danger down a notch or two. Greening up fast and lots of bird song, grouse drumming.