View Full Version : Slightly injured, Hike anyway?

2008-02-28, 12:31
Ok 1st a lil' about me. I'm a male 36yo, 6' tall, 180# in good/great health. 3 weeks ago I ran a marathon, and have since had a mild soreness in my left thigh since. I was afraid it might be a stress fracture (femoral), but x-rays were negative.

I'm scheduled to go on a 7M overnight BP trip to Stone Door SP in TN (there was a recent trip report by another poster) w/ some older (seniors mostly) folks from a local Sierra Club beginner BP'er class. I was able to run 4M pretty easily last Monday on it, but am not sure if it'll be ok to hike 4Ms the first day over uneven territory w/ a 35# pack (yes I'm a newb that still uses his car camping gear). So would you go? Or bag it?

2008-02-28, 13:03
I think that is a personal choice you have to make.

Speaking only for myself, if it were a trip I really wanted to do it would take more than just mild soreness to keep me from going. Especially just an overnighter with a total of 7 miles of hiking, and I can jog 4 miles without any problem. Just pack some extra ibuprofen just in case.

But that's me.

2008-02-29, 21:22
Definitely go. I went hunting for a week in a jewitt brace four weeks after breaking my back and am really glad I did. You sound like a real athlete compared to me, and I bet you have incredible stamina and endurance, nothing should stop you. Go for it!

2008-03-01, 16:19
Go for it.
(if you're worried take a couple of Voltarin tabs along as backup)

2008-03-02, 09:47
7 miles? I did 23 with stress fractures in both feet. We are the almost the same age, size, but not nearly the endurance levels. Do it, and like said before, just bring along some Aleve or whatever. You'll make it.

BUT, if others are depending on you for care, then at least do the right thing and inform them of your injury prior to leaving.

Frolicking Dino
2008-03-03, 10:39
I've hiked a lot with both major and minor injuries... the trick is to have a bail-out plan in place if needed - and the sense to use it when it is needed :D. This is easy to do with the Stone Door Loop as it has several trails that intersect - the hike can be from 2 miles to ten miles depending on which option is chosen.

2008-03-03, 10:57
Thanks for the input. I'm going, last 4 days pain free.